Chester Bennington, Talinda Ann Bentley

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No, Talinda Bennington did not get married to her new husband on her and Chester Bennington's anniversary.

Contrary to reports, Talinda says she wed her new husband on Jan. 4 and not on Jan. 1, which would've been her 13th wedding anniversary with the musician. "With joy and love I want to set something straight. ON JANUARY 4th, I wed a wonderful man, great friend, and son this weekend. We celebrated with all of our family and friends on the beautiful island of O'ahu," she explains on Twitter. "The day we chose was a day of meaning, in many different ways."

The mother-of-three continues, "My anniversary w/Chester, wasn't my new wedding date. Jan 1st will always be the day I married Chester. I would never paint over that day with anything else. To the tabloids who ran a false story, inciting misguided anger & pain,I ask you FOR WHAT?? To make money ??"

"To make money off of a false headline should be criminal," she adds.

Chester Bennington, Talinda Bentley, Children

Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Even though Talinda is moving on from her relationship with the Linkin Park front man, she continues to honor her late husband. In her engagement announcement from last year, the widow shared, "I am here to tell you that you can find love after tragedy. That a death of a soulmate does not mean the death of you. My family, friends and my Linkin Park brothers welcome him to the family with open arms. I will continue to honor Chester and continue my life's mission to make his passing not in vein." 

Congratulations to Talinda on starting this new chapter in her life. 

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