Lana Del Rey

Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Lana Del Rey's Christmas was not so merry. 

A day after the holiday, the songstress took to Twitter with a plea to anyone reading. 

"Hoping everyone had a great holiday — wanted to make a quick announcement," she began. "This week, family mementos including my sisters entire retrospective were taken," the star continued, referencing her photographer sister Chuck Grant

"I'd love to encourage whoever took it to please consider sending any of the scans of her previous work back to to us for a no questions asked reward," Del Rey continued. 

The performer noted, "The work we lost can't be reproduced and exists nowhere but where it was."

"Thanks so much," she signed off. "Lana."

Naturally, the message spurred words of support and concern from devoted fans. "I'm so sorry about this Lana. Sending you love your way," one tweeted back. "I hope you guys find it! That's so beyond messed up and I'm so sorry," another weighed in. "Sending you good vibes and good luck for the new year!"

While the songstress is ending 2019 on a sour note, there's plenty for her and her family to look forward to in 2020, notably her Grammy nominations for Song of the Year and Album of the Year. 

If she does end up winning in either category, it will be her first Grammy Award after six nominations in the course of six years.

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