The Botched Doctors May Need a Drink After Examining Courtney's Massive Butt

By Alyssa Ray Nov 25, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: "Botched" Drs. Take on Butt Injections Gone Wrong

Courtney needs to know what's up with her butt!

In this clip from tonight's all-new Botched, the Miami resident turns to doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif for answers regarding her large derriere. As Courtney's bottom is both large and discolored, Dr. Nassif finds himself shocked, intrigued and fearful ahead of the consultation.

Why? Well, because he can only imagine what is "really in there."

"How did you get to this place? What did you have injected into your buttock?" Dr. Dubrow asks the new patient.

According to Courtney, the lady who did the procedure told her she was injected with hydrogel.

"Hydrogel is a synthetic polymer, called polyacrylamide," Dr. Dubrow explains to the Botched camera. "Which is a gel that, when injected into the body, attracts water and gets incorporated into the tissue."

While this may sound simple enough, the incorporation can cause a "significant immunologic reaction" and other "serious disasters."

Drs. Nassif & Dubrow Take on a Reportable Case

And, from what Courtney details in the clip above, a serious disaster has already occurred.

"I don't have any pain yet, but my butt…If you press into it, you feel stuff," Courtney warns the doctors.

From what Courtney describes, the doctors hypothesize that she has granulomas and "post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation."

"What are your goals?" Heather Dubrow's husband inquires.

"I want to try to remove them and have a smaller butt," Courtney responds.

In order to investigate the case further, Dubrow invites Courtney into the exam room.

"Doc, you might need a drink before we go in there," the new patient jokes. "I might need a drink!"

For more of Courtney's Botched journey, be sure to tune in to tonight's episode!

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