Sonya Deville Is Ready to Make a "Revolutionary" Fashion Statement on Total Divas

By Alyssa Ray Nov 18, 2019 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Sonya Deville Will Rock Custom Tuxedo to WWE Hall of Fame

Sonya Deville is ready to make a fashion statement.

In this clip from Tuesday's all-new Total Divas, the WWE superstar tries on her tuxedo for the WWE Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. This red carpet look is especially important to Deville as it allows her to be true to herself.

"This wardrobe is symbolic for me, because I do not like dresses," the Total Divas star explains in a confessional. "And I'm representing who I am and my community."

As E! readers surely know, Deville is the WWE's first-ever openly gay female wrestler. Thus, she feels it's important for fans to see her "standing there in a tuxedo publicly with my girlfriend on my arm in a beautiful gown."

"It's a little revolutionary," Deville proudly states later on.

Although the MMA fighter turned wrestler loves her new suit, it appears she is struggling to walk in the matching heels.

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"You're great at a lot of things, I don't think you can teach me how to walk in heels," Deville informs custom suit maker David Alan.

"You're going to have to fix that," Alan quips in response.

While Deville tries her best to walk in the heels, she almost trips while practicing.

"C'mon! This isn't good," the WWE superstar exclaims as Alan encourages her.

Thus, Deville resolves the outfit will be complete once a new shoe option is found.

For Deville's fashion moment, be sure to watch the clip above!