PCAs Australian Social Star Jadé Tuncdoruk Shares Why She No Longer Filters Her Photos

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NOV. 16, 2020
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The people have spoken!

Jadé Tuncdoruk will be crowned the first-ever Australian Social Star at the 2019 E! People's Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California, on Sunday, Nov. 10.

Known for her high-end fashion and travel content on her social media channels, Sydney-based Tuncdoruk juggles two Instagram accounts, the aesthetically pleasing @jadetunchy and her unfiltered (and funny) @therealjadetunchy.

The 24-year-old spoke to E! News about her PCAs win, her online alter ego and why she no longer filters her photos. 

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Congratulations on your People's Choice Award! How did you feel when you heard the news?

I was really overwhelmed with joy and excitement. I thought, how crazy would it have been if someone had told me this would happen when I started out? I was over the moon.

What's your tip on the most Instagrammable spots in LA?

I've actually only been once and it was for half a day. But I went straight to Catch for dinner, and a lot of people seem to take Instagram photos there. This time I'll be in LA for about five days, so I can do it properly.

When did you first start out on social media?

I was around 14-15 years old and I had a blog on Tumblr. I used to come home from school and I'd sit on my computer for literally hours, and my mum would be like, ‘Go outside!' and I'd be like, ‘I'm on my blog!' I've always loved it, but I never considered that I could have a career out of it.

What was your motivation behind having two accounts on Instagram?

There was a part of me that really wanted to share more unfiltered photos or elements of my life. Sometimes my life is sitting at home and working behind a laptop, or not having a great day, so I decided to start that second account so that I could keep my nice content nice and do whatever the hell I wanted on another account. It's kind of like my personality—it's totally split into two. A part of me is like, oh, I love dressing up and going out, and then another part of me is like, I just want to sit at home and not move for a week.

Is there a post that sums up your sense of humour on @therealjadetunchy?

Our Daz and Shaz videos. [My boyfriend] Lachlan [Brycki] and I have our alter egos, and they're these true blue Aussies. That's something people have really taken to.

Do you swear by any particular filters or planning apps?

I try to make my feed flow, so I plan it in advance with an app called Planoly. I don't even filter my photos now. I'm loving finding nice light and uploading it just like that, which is a lot easier. I feel like Instagram has changed recently and is becoming more of that realness, as opposed to that phase where our blues were saturated and the sky was totally lit out. Now, people are starting to want things to look a bit more natural.

Do you really need an Instagram boyfriend for amazing photos?

No, I don't think so. The majority of my photos were taken by my sister for years. If she wasn't available, I'd get a friend to help out or even hire photographers to come run around with me. It's just convenient now that my boyfriend and I can do it together. 

How do you maintain a positive community on social media? Commenters can be cruel sometimes!

I'm a big advocate for self-love. That's the most important thing to learn in this world because it's the one way that you really can ever be happy. I guess that's why my second account is something that people gravitate towards because it's got a lot of that on it.

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