The Bachelorette Australia’s Matt Is Keen to Join Bachelor In Paradise

The BMX stunt rider reveals his biggest regret and who will win Angie Kent's heart

By Winsome Walker Nov 07, 2019 1:32 AMTags
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BMX stunt rider Matt Whyatt wishes he could change one thing about his time on The Bachelorette Australia.

"My only regret would be being a bit shy. In real life, I'm not really like that. The whole situation was a bit harder than I thought," he told E! News after his elimination on Wednesday. "I would have gone in and been a bit more confident to start with and tried to spend some more time with Angie [Kent]."

The Nitro Circus performer flew under the radar compared to some of the bigger personalities (like shirtless—and pantsless—Ciarran Stott), and was sent packing along with landscaper Alex McKay.

"It's crazy. You think you're the funny guy in your group of friends and then you walk into a situation like that," the 27-year-old explained.

Matt said he'd be happy to join the cast of Bachelor in Paradise so Australia could see a different side to him.  

"If I got a phone call to do Paradise I think I'd take it up," he said. "I'd like to go back and redeem myself and not be as shy and be a bit more in the mix."

While the Paradise cast hasn't been announced, the Daily Mail Australia reports Ciarran, Renee Barrett, Abbie Chatfield and Keira Maguire could be joining the third season.

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Of Angie's remaining suitors, Matt's hot pick to win is fireproofer Timm Hanly.

"I've seen their connection. He makes her laugh, he made all of us laugh, he's an absolute legend and he's honest," he said. "If she wants someone mature then it will probably be Carlin [Sterritt]. But if she wants to just enjoy life and have a laugh, then it will be Timm."


Asked if Carlin is just on the series to boost his acting career or Instagram profile (he has 62.6K followers and counting), Matt remained diplomatic.

"He seems like Mr Perfect, and I said that in there. But he was a genuine bloke and came across as being in there for the right reasons," the Queenslander said. "But if he's an actor, you never know."

Angie is set to visit the hometowns of Aussie Dog Guy Ryan Anderson, Jackson Garlick, Timm and Carlin before she hands out the final rose next week.

The Bachelorette Australia airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on Ten.