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Haunted houses aren't supposed to be this hilarious. 

Tiffany Haddish went through the Us haunted house at Universal Studios Hollywood along with producer Andy from The Ellen DeGeneres Show for Halloween. Ellen DeGeneres likes to send Andy for a fright every year, and this time, funny lady Tiffany got to go through it with him. What ensued was absolutely hysterical. Well, for viewers at least. 

The two got their first scare while standing outside the haunted house waiting to go in, and from there the antics just kept getting better. "Momma no! Momma no!" was a phrase Tiffany yelled throughout most of the experience. Including, "I told your motherf--king ass" to Andy on multiple occasions. 

While the two were supposed to be in it together, Andy used Tiffany as a human shield throughout multiple parts of the house. "We're not trying to f--k with you, Lupita," Tiffany screamed at the actor playing the character Red from the film. 

"Summertime Santa coming for us," Tiffany joked when they entered a room full of people dressed in red jumpsuits like in the film. Just when the pair thought it was over, they went outside only to be scared by a few more performers. 

"Ellen, it wasn't too bad," Andy reassured her at the end. However, Tiffany had a few different thoughts. "I see you, Lupita!" she angrily joked.

Never has a haunted house been so hysterical! 

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