The Bachelorette Australia 2019 Contestants Include a Mobile Zoo Owner and Two Firefighters

Meet the men vying for Angie Kent's heart and see all the pics!

By Winsome Walker Oct 06, 2019 1:37 AMTags
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Will you accept this Bachelorette cast? 

Ten has revealed the lineup of eligible men vying for Angie Kent's heart on The Bachelorette Australia—and as expected, there are some contestants with iconic occupations in the mix. 

Meet Josh, a 37-year-old mobile zoo owner whose bio describes him as a "real-life Captain Planet". Then, there's BMX stunt rider Matt, local politician Jess and ex-army rifleman Ciarran (who Angie quips looks like Austin Powers in the promos).

Plus, there's not one but two firefighters (hot).  

Get to know all the contestants below ahead of the premiere on Wednesday, October 9!

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Adam, 34, Freediving Instructor, QLD

A self-declared free spirit, 34-year-old Adam craves adventure and loves anything to do with the outdoors. A big believer in the laws of attraction, Adam is deeply passionate about practising mindfulness; and when he is not competitively freediving, you can often find him meditating. A father of two beautiful children from a previous marriage, Adam is looking for a partner who would absolutely adore his little ones as much as he does!

Alex, 26, Landscaper, QLD

Happy-go-lucky and down to earth, Alex is someone who believes that quality time spent with the right person is one of the best things in life. His dream date consists of "some sporty fun in the sun", before cosying up on the beach and enjoying the sunset. Having never been in a relationship before, this 26-year-old landscaper now dreams of finding a love that could possibly blossom into something beautiful.

Carlin, 30, Fitness Trainer, NSW

Comfortable with wearing his heart on his sleeve, Carlin is an old school romantic who is not afraid to bare it all when it comes to finding his one true love. The laidback fitness trainer enjoys nothing more than spontaneous road trips and trying out the latest foodie hotspots. Now, 30 and thriving, Carlin is ready for his next adventure and is hoping to find a gentle, caring and passionate partner to take on every day with!

Ciarran, 25, Ex-Army Rifleman, NT

Not someone to shy away from the finer things in life, Ciarran openly indulges in fashion, design and self-care. With a vibrant personality that immediately lights up a room, he is known as a gentleman amongst his friends and loves showering his partner with gifts and compliments. Having fallen madly in love once before, he is once again ready to put his heart on the line with an easy-going girl he can spoil rotten.

Glenn, 31, Refrigeration Mechanic, WA

Growing up in a tight-knit family, Glenn is willing to do anything to find a down to earth partner that he can bring home for a Sunday roast. Honest with strong family values, the 31-year-old believes that "love is one of the best things that can happen to you in life" and is well and truly ready to give it his all to find his forever girl.

Haydn, 32, Firefighter, NSW

Likening himself to Johnny Bravo, you wouldn't find a hair out of place on 32-year-old Haydn. This charming firefighter knows a thing or two about breaking hearts, but having recently overcome a trying period in his life, he is now hoping for a hand to hold through the ups and downs of life.

Jackson, 25, Sales Manager, NSW

Spirited with an overwhelming zest for life, 25-year-old Jackson is a jack of all trades! This all-rounded bloke can often be found kicking about a footy when he's not juggling his psychological science degree and working at his family's pie business. Excited to settle down, Jackson is hoping to find an ambitious girl with equally strong family values; someone that he can grow old and appreciate the little things in life with.

Jamie, 39, Firefighter, NSW

Having truly been bitten by the travel bug, Jamie has visited over a hundred countries in all seven continents. Honest with genuine intentions, the 39-year-old firefighter is not afraid to take a stand about issues he is passionate about. Strongly believing that love is something that evolves with time, Jamie is now serious about finding a girl who ignites a spark in him that can't be put out.

Jess, 36, Local Politician, QLD

In love with love, local politician Jess is hoping to find an honest girl who can be as much of a partner as she is a friend. His courageous streak means that he is always game for his next adventure, and can't wait to find his better half to take on his wide range of hobbies together. From mountain biking to kitesurfing, you can bet that there is never going to be a dull moment with Jess!

Jesse, 31, House and Land Specialist, WA

With an imposing muscular physique, at first glance Jesse may look intimidating, but deep down, he is just a big softie with a huge heart. Always aiming to be the best version of himself, Jesse is attracted to women who are equally as confident and who constantly strive for self-improvement. At 31 years of age, this house and land specialist is now eager to find a special someone who can make a house a home.

Josh, 37, Mobile Zoo Owner, VIC

A real-life Captain Planet, down to earth Josh is the owner of a mobile zoo who is incredibly passionate about teaching kids the importance of conservation. Pushing aside his fear for failure, Josh believes that the only way to grow is to take big risks in both love and life! Although he may take a while to open up, his gentle and unassuming nature is bound to shine through when he meets the girl of his dreams—someone fun, intelligent and always up for an adventure.

Kayde, 25, Luxury Car Salesman, WA

Born with the gift of the gab and armed with a bagful of cheeky comebacks, this luxury car salesman fully believes in being his true self, even if that means stepping on a few toes. Always ready to bust out some "sweet Magic Mike moves", this 25-year-old is anything but shy, and hopes to find a loyal, caring girl who can match his playful attitude and positive outlook on life.

Matt, 27, BMX Stunt Rider, QLD

Living life at 100mph with no plans of slowing down, Matt is a fun-loving BMX stunt rider who constantly pushes himself to squeeze every drop out of life. That said, this showman is anything but showy. Twenty-seven-year-old Matt is refreshingly down to earth and affable. He is now looking for a driven girl that matches his thirst for action and adventure and promises to take her on the ride of her life!

Mitch, 31, Apprentice Plumber, QLD

With a good head on his shoulders, Mitch oozes confidence and isn't afraid to take the lead in a relationship. Having been one of the youngest fleet commanders in the navy, there is no question that he has seen his fair share of adversity— but that isn't stopping him from giving 100 per cent in his quest for love. Unfazed by the competition, Mitch is not afraid to ruffle some feathers if it means getting to spend more time with his dream girl!

Niranga, 28, Aircraft Engineer, QLD

Having played both state and national rugby as well as cricket, Niranga has a competitive streak that helps him stand out in a room full of people. Grounded and affectionate, he is well aware that love takes sacrifice, but above that, believes that when you're with your perfect match, love can also last forever. At 28 years of age, this aircraft engineer now hopes to attract a girl that he's just plain crazy about—someone bubbly and fun, who he can have hours of solid banter with.

Oliver, 25 Heating Technician, NSW

Extroverted and comfortable living life on the edge, Oliver is a social butterfly with a magnetic personality that just can't be ignored! Taught from a young age to "always stand up for your bird", Oliver is straight as an arrow and is never afraid to say things as it is. Having yet to experience love at first sight, Oliver is now hoping to be lucky in love with a bubbly girl who is always down for a laugh and doesn't take life too seriously.

Scot, 27, Real Estate Agent, NSW

Known endearingly as ‘Scooter' by his close mates, Scot brims with energy. You will always find him soaking up the sun— whether he's down by the beach catching some waves or traversing dirt roads on his motorbike. A glass half full kind of guy, this 27-year-old is optimistic that now is his time to fall in love! He is done with short-term relationships and hopes to find a love that lasts a lifetime with a grounded, spontaneous gal.

Tom, 31, Cabin Crew, QLD

Cheeky, confident and charismatic, Tom is your typical Queenslander who enjoys the sun, sand and sea, when he's not busy globetrotting around the world as cabin crew. Never living life with regret, he is willing to travel to the moon and back to find his perfect match! Now ready to take the plunge and fall in love, this adventurous lad's dream date would be to bungee jump out of a helicopter before winding down with a sunset picnic by the beach.

Timm, 27, Fireproofer, VIC

An unpredictable joker who is unapologetically himself, Timm is someone who doesn't take himself too seriously and is always willing to take the mickey out of himself to impress his dream girl. At 27, he is now looking to find a partner who is beautiful both inside and out, to take her on his ideal date, scuba diving in Port Douglas followed by a seafood feast by the water.

Warwick, 36, Construction Supervisor, QLD

What you see is what you get with Warwick. With a big heart and an even bigger laugh, this no-frills 36-year-old doesn't need much when it comes to love. All he craves is a genuine girl who gives him butterflies in his stomach! Having previously neglected his love life for his career, he now feels like he is ready to give it his all to find his forever girl.