Every Single Clue From The Masked Singer Australia, Plus All the Celebrity Reveals

We've rounded up every hint and performance to help you identify the 12 celebrities behind the masks

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The Masked Singer Australia is in full swing and is wilder than we could have ever imagined. 

The show has everything: 12 celebrities in truly bizarre costumes, overzealous audience participation (including them howling at the moon for the Wolf) and Lindsay Lohan attempting to recognise Australian stars. 

The fun of the series is not only watching the bonkers performances but guessing the celebrities behind the masks. To help you crack the mystery, we've rounded up the biggest clues so far, our best guesses and which celebs have been unmasked. 

All of the Internet's Best Masked Singer Australia Guesses So Far


The songs: "Hold Back the River", "The Horses" (aka the unofficial Australian anthem), "I Don't Care", "Can't Get You Out of My Head", "Jolene"/"Nothing Breaks Like a Heart", "The Edge of Glory"

The clues: I chose the Robot because I was created by the digital age. Robots aren't supposed to have emotions, but I really care about the real world and want to make it a happier place. Ever since I was a young robot I have always been connected to the water. Growing up, I was surrounded by gold and as a young robot my favourite animal was the butterfly. But now I prefer something that goes 'tweet'. I've been to many award nights from a very early age.

Like many robots, I left my factory and headed east like a moth to a flame. But, I soon realised that others were controlling my program. I felt like such a clone, so I short-circuited the production line and I am now very much my own robot. I always knew I had a lot of creative circuitry inside me, you could say I'm multi-layered like a Russian doll or an onion. I love playing the game, in fact I think I'm quite good at it. But having a metal head makes me headstrong and can cause serious glitches. Some years ago I was honoured by a grand historian.

My personal clues are swimming medals and trophies, I won them around the same time that I first made a splash. Although saltwater makes my circuits tingle, I love all the oceans, not just crossing the Atlantic. Strangely for a robot, I'm not really into heavy metal. But bubble-gum pop just grinds in my gears. I want to sing what I want to sing. So, listen up world, here's a robot that doesn't use auto-tune. I will tell you something on the DL - I spent time with MC Hammer.

From an early age, I've been popping my ribbons, chasing a dream. It was head down, following the straight and narrow path laid out by others, all heading the same way. Of course, I never forget that the family that plays together, stays together. But now it's time for this robot to do its own thing so hold on! I'm a competitor, that's how I grew up. I love to win, whatever I'm doing. 

The first time I walked out on stage as the Robot, it was immediately fun. The Robot is mechanical, and I've had to live with his limitations. I'm not usually scared of taking leaps in my heart, but the Robot takes some huge leaps, singing songs that I would never sing. The Robot mask gives me confidence. I feel free to do whatever I want to do. We could all learn from Robot.

Best guess: Cody Simpson

The reveal: Cody Simspon!



The songs: "Man I Feel Like a Woman", "There's Nothing Holidn' Me Back", "Disco Inferno", "Shallow", "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)", "Come Together"

The clues: Am I the Wolf? Well, I have that reputation. Maybe that's why I'm up all night.  As a pup I was keen on sport, it was my dream to make it to the top with huge crowds cheering me on. I know how to draw attention in a competition. I'm constantly being misjudged and underestimated. This mask allows me the chance to show you what I can do without pre-judgement.  I'm not the big bad wolf, but I ain't little green riding hood either. I've been an apprentice a couple of times. Singing isn't my first trade. I think you'll be surprised when this mask comes off. Until that day, beware my teeth, claws, and power. Because I am a triple threat. I was well known years before I was successful.

Wolves have a reputation for being naughty, and I admit it, I did run wild when I was a pup.Although I wasn't the runt of the littler, I wasn't number one either. Near enough wasn't near enough for me. After missing my dream, I remained unbroken I worked harder than ever like a dog with a bone. But success comes in unexpected ways, but always here under the Southern Cross. 

A wolf likes to roam, but you won't find this wolf in the same place I started. I may have been in excess in what I've done, but I have discovered that fighting my way to the top is like climbing a greasy pole. 

I love being at the centre of attention. It feels like there's electricity in the air, a spark! But maybe it's just a stage I'm going through. I love to challenge myself, I once walked over 100km in 24 hours.

You can't always trust the face you see. When I was younger, I achieved my dream. I was surrounded by extraordinary talent and they all followed me! Make no mistake, I was the top dog. I am an entertainer, I always have been. Even as a child I was the class clown. But what people don't know is how hard I worked. While my mates were out partying, I was working doing gigs or cutting grass. And I still work hard every day.

The wolf and I have a few things in common. We both have this outer layer of confidence. But he looks scary, and I'm not. I draw my energy from the crowd, and that's difficult to do in the mask. I don't think of myself as famous or a celebrity. That's just the way other people see me. 

Best guess: Robert "Millsy" Mills

The reveal: Robert "Millsy" Mills



The songs: "Think", "I Want to Know What Love Is", "Beautiful", "All By Myself", "Listen to Your Heart", "Can You Feel My Heart"/"What About Us"

The clues: Nobody likes to think of themselves as a monster but I guess I am. I'm split between two worlds with part of me living in the shadows. I've always loved horses and horses love this monster.

In my work, you have to deal with some heavy material, and I've been doing it since I was much younger. Does anyone care that I'm a monster? They only care that I can deliver the goods and we all want to be the first past the post. How does someone become a monster? You don't need a mad scientist, but you do need time in a laboratory. Right now, you see the outer monster, but tonight you're gonna see and hear the inner monster. To the other masks I say this. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I have trained as many things, but I changed horses in the middle of the stream.

So, what type of monster am I? I'm a shapeshifter, it's in my biology. This is how you see me now, but I've been many things before. I am more than the voice behind the panel. When did I become the monster you see today? When did you first notice me? The number 31 rings a bell. But monsters don't age in human years. I'm a little bit country and a little bit glam. I guess never the twain shall meet. And, when you see a monster, you think we just want to tear things apart, to destroy them. But I want to create. In my industry, height isn't super important, but weight is.

I was very happy after my last performance. Do monsters dream? I have dreamt of many things, of horses and of microphones, and my dreams have come true. My voice has made waves. Most monsters come from the city, but I'm more comfortable in the bush.

Where I come from, people's thoughts were all about going for gold. I prefer to talk about other things, and hear my words drifting on the air. I once sang in the middle of the MCG for the AFL Grand Final.

In my daily life, I do a job I love. It's different and it can be hard and very confronting. But my most important job is being a mum to our daughter. When my family sees me take off the mask and realise that it's me, they will be so proud. This is right now a dream come true for not only me but my whole family.

Best guess: Gorgi Coghlan

The reveal: Gorgi Coghlan


The songs: "Toxic", "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)", "Zombie", "Titanium", "Someone You Loved"

The clues: I think the Spider is appropriate for me. After all, my web of life has so many different strands. But I'm not afraid of the bright lights anymore. I like to write. Which is easy when you can hold 8 pens at once. I'm proud to say my words have gone all over the world. There is a lot of love at home and I learnt all I know from Daddy Long Legs. All I know is fighting your way to the top is hard. Sometimes you're being adored and sometimes you get squashed like a bug. But I'll take the risks because I want to win The Masked Singer.

I love being a spider, and I love weaving a web of confusion. So, what type of spider am I? Exotic. Other than that, I'm just like you. I put my pants on four legs at a time. For this spider, music has always been important to me. No matter what else I've been doing, it's always in the mix. I need to stay fit to do what I do. And I have to exercise muscles that other people don't even think about. If I don't, I feel flat all day. But as they say, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Or, call a fireman, but don't burn. 

Some people are scared of spiders, but the panel seems to like this arachnid. And I love that they are trapped in my web of confusion. My initial fame had a golden aura. I like to hang out with the girls, but not all the time. Sometimes you're part of a team, and sometimes you're an individual. But a dream can come true. When you believe, anything is possible.

I came to teamwork later in my life, but I find real happiness in a group of girls.

I know Australian spiders have a dreadful reputation, but I'm not like that. I wouldn't hurt a fly. I've done things nobody would ever expect. Hitting the heights for an Olympic sport was more than just a childhood dream. And who knew it would take this spider into the heart of Hollywood. But performing for the young has probably been my own PB. It was like heaven on earth. That is where I get my power, and tonight you're going to hear some more of that power.

I can sing prayers in a popular Papua New Guinea dialectic, although I haven't in a very long time.

I'm star struck by the amazing voices I'm hearing. I sometimes feel like I've done it all, but don't believe everything you read on the web. I approach everything I do with love. There's no venom in this spider. Thanks to my upbringing, I don't scare easily. It takes a lot to turn this spider to jelly. I just want to spread the word and spread the joy, and that's what I'm going to do tonight.

I am a person of faith, I was raised that way, but that doesn't mean I'm perfect. 

Best guesses: Jade MacRae, Paulini, Dami Im

The reveal: Paulini


The songs: "Perfect", "Proud Mary", "Crazy In Love", "Forget You", "Locked Out of Heaven"

The clues: Am I a unicorn – something rare and mysterious? I think so. We are creatures born of legends with bloodlines running back through the ages. By my unicorn nature I have chosen to roam the earth, I've gone my own way, trotted my own path, but always aware of the steps of those who came before me. We unicorns are notoriously shy but I buck the trend. In fact, I'm incredibly social. I have witnessed many miracles in my time. But the greatest miracle any unicorn can perform is to spread joy all over the world. Tonight, I want to spread some joy with you. That would be my magic.

Unicorns do not believe in taking shortcuts.

As a unicorn, I have been the princess, but never the queen. It seemed like my voice was always in the background. The voice has always been important to me. Some things are just meant to be. Although, the days were rocky. Unicorns are solitary creatures, although my highlights weren't achieved on my own. Today I am an independent unicorn. It's an old unicorn saying, live by the horn, die by the horn.

For many years, what I have done has been on my own, but it wasn't always like that.

I was really happy with my last performance. Unicorns are creatures of fable and legend, living in a dream world. I am not comfortable living in your reality. Instead, I visit you very rarely, even though we live on one planet. Unicorns prefer the forest, or the cover of night, not your bright sunshine. Unicorns are ageless. And I was young when I first decided to follow my magical path.

My personal clue is my passport. It has taken this unicorn all over the world, to the places where I have had my greatest success.

When I first roamed the earth, I travelled on the elements. I am not a diva, although I stood behind the world's greatest one. And you will find my words on a B-track. I like people to come to the floor and dance freely without inhibition. My last dance was many years ago. Now, it's time to unleash the magic once again, and cast my spell on you.

I hope that my brother in Texas is proud of what I achieve here.

Have you met a unicorn? Have you ever? When you do meet us, it's something you cannot forget. Together, we are the world. We unicorns thrive on love, and the world's greatest diva loved me once. Will she again? Never say never. This will be Unicorn's gift to you all. You're welcome to sit back and breathe it in.

I am a singer, not an entertainer, a singer! I live my whole life through music. I wake to music, I go to sleep to music, I have travelled the world because of music. Had my greatest joy because of music. That, is who I am.

Best guess: Deni Hines

The reveal: Deni Hines


The songs: "Geronimo", "Roar", "Shut Up And Dance"

The clues: I am the Dragon. I am the brute. My world is timeless and slowly changing. Do I breathe fire? Only when I have to. But breathing fire is easy when you have petrol in your veins. There is a lot of power in what I do. It can bring screams of joy but also tears of great sadness. I'm here tonight to demonstrate my power - the ancient gift of the dragons. We were here before all of you and I will still be standing when all other singers have fallen.

I guess you could say I've done a few more laps than the average Aussie dragon.

Man, how I love to entertain a crowd. But no matter how much praise I got, this dragon lost his temper. My aim is to keep them guessing, changing my performance to confuse the panel. And in this mask, you're hearing me like never before. I have roamed this country for many years. And at times, I've lived outside the law. I've been known by other names from other cultures. But as young as I can remember, I've loved to sing! Although I didn't make my living that way, I was called to march to a different drum. I am a dragon of many, many strings. When you see a dragon, you see power and I love raw power. Especially when that power turns to speed. Dragons are much swifter than you'd expect.

I have had wins on tracks all over the country.

There's no point in gold coating it, my last performance was not my best. I won't pretend this dragon wasn't disappointed. I am a western dragon. But I feel welcomed all over the country. Looking at me now, you might not guess, but I am built for speed. And I have proved in the past that I also possess artistic balance and poise. Dragons also know the importance of rain in this wide, brown land. My own personal drought broke in 2008. That's when I felt I had regained my spirit.

To give your best, you need great balance in your life. And this is how I wind down after gigs around the country.

Best guesses: Adam Brand, Diesel, Grant Denyer

The reveal: Adam Brand


The songs: "High Hopes", "Bad Guy", "Heroes", "Moves Like Jagger"

The clues: Why am I the Lion? Because in my business you have to be fierce. You have to fight hard to be top on this big island. As a young lion I entered a competition that would change everything. It's brought me closer to my idols. I pride myself on being brave and always give my best at whatever I try. And I've tried a lot. Will this mask bring out my best? You're going to hear me roar tonight.

I'm a very competitive person and television has been a very important part of my career.

Was I the queen of this big island? Well let's just say for now that this is not the first time you've seen me as queen of the jungle. Lions are very physical it's another thing I have in common with a great queen of the grass court. When the physical competition gets tough, that's when I excel. I have always loved music, I cannot image the world without it. It is a big factor in my life. It encouraged this Lion to soar. I'm here to test myself and I expect a lot of myself and so do others. So, can I bring the real me when you don't know it's me? I have my eyes on the prize.

From an early age I learnt the importance of self-disciple and fighting hard.

I barely remember a time when people didn't know me, success came young. Something I learned as a lion is that life never goes where you think it will. You pursue the prey that's in front of you and you chase it down. I have been very open about my life and the joy I have in my little pride. I have performed as someone else many times. Now, its time for the lion to roar again.

My personal clue is my Logie award. Only a few people have won in this category since I did.

Being a lion isn't my main job, but I do like the look. In many ways, I'm more of a gypsy, always on the move. For this lion, it's important that a daughter should honour her father, and a father should honour his daughter. Can I win The Masked Singer? It's not about winning or losing, it's just about being me.

I have an Indian tattoo and it's in a place where the sun doesn't shine.

Best guesses: Kate Ceberano, Casey Donovan

The reveal: Kate Ceberano


The songs: "Suspicious Minds", "I Want to Break Free", "Let Me Entertain You"

The clues: Why did I choose to be the prawn? Well, as you will see tonight, it doesn't take much for me to come out of my shell – I enjoy being in the public eye, here, the UK and America, and I admit it, I'm a bit of a lairy lad. But the big stage is where I feel most comfortable. Some people would say my choice of hobby is unusual, but variety is the spice of life. I'm always trying new things. What do I want to be when I grow up? Its too hard to choose. Just don't put me in a cocktail – that's so 1970s. Do I think I could win The Masked Singer? I've been in this arena before, so I know what it takes. No-one's throwing this prawn on the barbie.

My skin wasn't made for the hot Australian sun. I would go as red as this prawn.

This lairy prawn has made a big first impression, so it's no surprise to find me at the big occasions. Although, I famously spent a lot of time around the house. I guess, that why I sometimes feel like an outsider. Entering a competition like this is a change in direction for my career. You might not know it, but we prawns enjoy a change of scenery. I like most types of music, which has come in very handy in the past. But is there music in my future? It's not over till the raw prawn's cooked. I'm in this competition for the long-haul, I know it's going to take more than time to win. Call me big-headed, but that's what I'm going to do.

I am a fanatic for sports and I have the perfect platform to sing their praises.

Being the Prawn has given me the freedom to really let go on stage, and I love it. I might not be the most experienced singer in the competition, but I'm certainly here to make waves. As a prawn I'm not from around here, so your local customs are quite foreign to me. I have a reputation as a joker who turns his other cheek, but I'm taking The Masked Singer seriously. All you can judge me on, is my voice and tonight my music is going to be big.

As a child, I was on track for a career as a professional skier, but my sporting interests lie elsewhere now.

Best guesses: Darren McMullen, Freddie Flintoff

The reveal: Darren McMullen!



The songs: "Shotgun", "Low" 

The clues: Why am I the Rhino? Because I'm dangerous. When I want something don't get in my way. That's how I got to the top. I seem laid back and that's suited me in the past. It's the results that matter not how you get there. In my career I hopped from one top job to another. But I've settled down a lot from my rock star days. Rhinos don't stop to think at all before they act. And I'm not too big to admit that it's set me back. I was almost an extinct species, falling out of the spotlight was tough. Luckily time heals all wounds. Now I'm back off the endangered list and ready to show you what I can do.

This rhino was lucky to survive the bottom three last time. The only thing that saved me was my funky rhino moves. So now I'm big on working within my limitations. I've always moved well, showing off some very fancy footwork. Now it's time for me to show you all that I'm an all-star. I'm proud of where I came from, but not every destination along the way. This isn't the first time I've been in the spotlight, for good or bad. I famously celebrate the successes when they come. I'm going to warn all the other Masked Singers that I could bust you up.

I don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe in crossing over.

The reveal: Wendell Sailor


The songs: "Born This Way", "Youngblood"

The clues: I'm the Alien because people think I appeared out of no-where but I trained for years to achieve my dream. As aliens should, I arrived in a stunning flash of lights and sound. It felt like the world's eyes were all on me - and for a time I truly loved the attention. I came in peace, only wanting to please, but suddenly I was the one being probed. In the end it was just too much for a young alien to bear, so I beamed myself away. But tonight, I'm back and I'm going to do my extra-terrestrial best to spice things up.

When you pursue your dreams, success will follow and a lot of heavy metal came my way.

I'm out to impress, playing the cute and talented extra-terrestrial. It worked for ET, why not me? But what's really exciting, is the panels confusion over my career. I hit the heights after my huge competition win. But dropped almost as fast as it started. This made a young alien very sad. After years I decided to return serve, as my home will always be down-under where absolutely everybody knows me. I hope my lessons will be learned by younger generations, but will they? I go back and forth on that. I want to win The Masked Singer, this is my chance to shine again.

In bars all around the country there is a drink named after me.

The reveal: Nikki Webster!


The songs: "What's My Scene?"

The clues: Why am I the Parrot? It's not just the beautiful plumage, although I do like to look good. I'm the Parrot because I live my life at high speed. It can be dangerous. Very dangerous. And that's the way I like it. What I do, others find terrifying. In my career I have flown all over the world following the sun. I didn't always display loyal behavior but what I do takes a lot of physical courage. I'm a parrot that's not afraid of a cat walking by. Parrots aren't known as songbirds. I think I can change all that. I'm here to win The Masked Singer. It's a dream come true and I plan to go all out"

The reveal: Brett Lee


The songs: "Fame"

The clues: I played a pivotal role in a musical that was an international hit.

The reveal: Gretel Killeen!