Helena Responds to Rumours Matt Pulls a Blake Garvey and Hooks Up With The Bachelor Australia Runner-Up

The bachelorette also reveals the truth about the photo supposedly showing Chelsie is the winner

By Winsome Walker Sep 19, 2019 2:31 AMTags
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The Bachelor Australia rumour mill is in overdrive in the lead-up to Thursday's finale.

One of the wildest reports? That Matt Agnew chooses Chelsie McLeod in the final rose ceremony, only to dump her and move on to Abbie Chatfield. (Bachelor fans will remember the same thing happened when Blake Garvey dumped fiancé Sam Frost for second runner-up Louise Pillidge.)

Eliminated contestant Helena Sauzier, who left the mansion on Thursday, told E! News she's assuming the Matt rumour is false until there's solid proof.

"I have heard it, but you never know what to believe or not believe," she said. "So everything I read, I take it as false until proven otherwise."

The wellness coach agreed that the report seemed out of character for Matt—but said a breakup would be more ethical than cheating on the winner.

Does Matt Agnew Propose to The Bachelor Australia Winner?

"You never know what kind of guy any person is until they're in a relationship. But I feel like he would be quite a loyal person," Helena said. "If he made a choice and then decided against it, that's the right thing to do as opposed to cheating on the person. You must just break up with the person. But I hope he just makes a decision that he can stick by."

The 25-year-old also addressed another compelling fan theory floating around: that based on previous winners, whoever stands in the middle of the top three photo receives the final rose. (For the record, Chelsie is smack bang in the middle.)

Helena insisted the producers never told the contestants where to stand.

"In the rose ceremony, I'm usually at the back because I'm tall. At the end, we just step down and we take a photo and then go back into the house," she told E! News. "If they did [tell us where to stand] I would be like, oh, interesting. But it is a really weird coincidence. I wonder if it will apply tonight, and if it does, I think they'll probably mix it up next year."

Now that her Bachelor journey has come to an official end, Helena is still looking to fall in love.

"I really am looking to find someone. While the show is airing, you can't really be seen with anyone, so I haven't put any effort into it," she said. "But now that the show is over, I'll really give it a good crack."

The Bachelor Australia finale airs tonight on Ten.