Community, Cast, Season 2, 2010

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

It's been a decade since we first arrived at Greendale Community College.

When Community, Dan Harmon's increasingly meta comedy about a group of oddballs at said community college whose study group quickly evolves into something like a family, first debuted on NBC on September 17, 2009 as a part of the network's celebrated Thursday night lineup of comedies that included The Office, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock, it wasn't a ratings sensation. In fact, in its five seasons on the network, it never finished higher than a season ranked higher than 96 out of however many series aired on broadcast in any given season.

But Community did go on to become a critically-beloved cult phenomenon that survived cancellation once—after NBC chopped it, Yahoo! Screen revived it for a 13-episode sixth season...whatever Yahoo! Screen was—and introduced the world to a handful of fresh faces destined for greatness (here's looking at you, Donald Glover and Alison Brie), while also giving one faded comedian an ultimately squandered chance at a comeback. (Ahem, Chevy Chase.)

Though it never quite managed to fulfill the prophesied six seasons and a movie, falling short of that elusive feature film, when Community reached the darkest timeline and was canceled for good, it unleashed an impressive collection of talent onto the world. In honor of the show's 10th anniversary, let's take a look at each cast member's post-grad careers. 

Great Indoors


Donald Glover, Solo: A Star Wars Story

GLOW Season 2


The Mayor, ABC


The Masked Singer


Love, Paul Rust, Gillian Jacobs


National Lampoon Vacation, Chevy Chase, Beverly DAngelo

Warner Bros.



Jim Rash, Beyond Stranger Things


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