E! People’s Choice Awards: Meet the Australian Social Star of 2019 Nominees!

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NOV. 16, 2020
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The nominees for the E! People's Choice Awards are here and for the first time ever, fans can vote for their favourite Australian Social Star of 2019!

The six stars up for the top prize are Elle Ferguson, Jadé Tuncdoruk, Kate Wasley, Lisa Danielle Smith, Nikkia Joy and Rozalia Russian.

The nominees hail from the heart of Sydney to the coast of Byron Bay across the categories of fashion, beauty, travel, fitness and lifestyle. They've gained loyal social followings for their enviable feeds, personal style, digital innovation and for the daily dose of laughter they deliver to fans. 

To help you get to know the nominees, we quizzed them on their pinch-me career moments and best advice for aspiring social media stars (they seriously know their stuff!).

Meet the Australian Social Star of 2019 nominees below and cast your vote here!

2019 People's Choice Awards: Complete List of Nominees
Elle Ferguson

Elle Ferguson is a leading fashion influencer, model and entrepreneur based in Sydney. A testament to her digital presence and influence online, Ferguson has collaborated with some of the biggest global brands, including the creation of co-branded fashion lines. She is also the founder and creative director of ELLE EFFECT, which was recently added to the range at MECCA beauty stores.

What's your career highlight? Oh wow…I have had so many. Winning Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year, landing a cover for Cosmopolitan two times, meeting Kim Kardashian, launching my own stand-alone brand ELLE EFFECT. There are so many, however paving the way for future female entrepreneurs is a pretty huge highlight.

Favourite app? Instagram!

Best advice for budding social media stars? Be true to you, consistency is key. Block and delete the haters.

Jadé Tuncdoruk

Jadé Tuncdoruk has built an impressive social media following through her diverse content encompassing high-end fashion, travel content and comedy. Based in Sydney, Tuncdoruk started her own blog at age 14 and has since developed a well-known social media presence both nationally and internationally. Her relationship with her social media community is authentic and unapologetic, giving followers an unfiltered look at her day-to-day life.

What's your career highlight? My career highlight to date would be all the wonderful overseas trips I've been able to go on. 

Favourite app? Probably Instagram because it's changed my life!

Best advice for budding social media stars? Be yourself! The industry has become extremely saturated and your point of difference is that you are you. Don't be afraid to show people who you are.

Kate Wasley

Perth-based body image activist, model and influencer Kate Wasley burst onto the modelling scene in 2015 after winning the Autograph Modelling Competition. Since then, Wasley has built a dedicated fanbase with her candid content and honest approach to developing positive body image. In 2017, Kate was selected to shoot for a much-coveted spot in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

What's your career highlight? Every time I get to travel is such a blessing but my highlight would be shooting for Sports Illustrated in Aruba! 

Favourite app? Instagram has its perks and I definitely spend the most time on it, but I also love Headspace because it helps me disconnect from everything for a minute. 

Best advice for budding social media stars? In my experience, it's so important to have a meaningful message and relatable content. It's a saturated industry with a lot of the ‘same' but the people who have a passion or a point of difference are the ones I tend to follow long term. I also love really creative accounts with a strong theme. You don't need to be a model or have an extravagant lifestyle, so take the pressure off and post what you know and love. Don't worry so much about the follower count, make it fun for YOU.

Lisa Danielle Smith

Byron Bay-based Lisa Danielle Smith is a lifestyle blogger with the ambition to share her positive outlook on life. Her aesthetic is inspired by her love of bohemian homewares and her Instagram feed is effortlessly luxe, giving followers an insight into the most picturesque locations, on-trend street style and chic interiors.

What's your career highlight? I can't actually reveal this right now, but it's on its way…stay tuned for later this year!

Favourite app? I would have to say the old trusty VSCO! I've used this app forever. After I've edited my pics in Lightroom I always add one of their filters. The options are endless and they bring a cool vintage vibe.

Best advice for budding social media stars? Create your own unique style and just have fun with it! Like anything that you put your time and energy into, it will organically grow. Stay true to your personal style and the message you want to get across to your audience. There may be a million other social media stars out there but there is no other you—this is your special point of difference. Also creating sharable content can help get your page out to a wider audience!

Nikkia Joy

Melbourne-based Nikkia Joy has brought her passion for makeup to life through her engaging YouTube and Instagram content. Joy's channels are the home of the latest trends in beauty, reviews and professional techniques, and her ever-growing following cements her as a cult favourite in the Australian beauty space.

What's your career highlight? Definitely launching my own brand and having the ability to create products that really help people in a meaningful way! I get so many amazing messages and emails from my followers saying how much more confident they feel now in their own skin as a result of using our products and it's truly the biggest pinch-me moment.

Favourite app? I really love Instagram because of how connected it makes me feel to others with the same interests. It's given people the opportunity to express their creativity and feel supported and safe to do so. It's just like a big family and everyone supports everyone and it's so inspiring to see.

Best advice for budding social media stars? Definitely to just be yourself! We all have something special to offer and it's a waste of time and energy trying to act like or be like someone else. You're special in your own way and there are people out there who will connect with you and will enjoy you for who you are! It's also really obvious when someone is putting on a fake persona—people can pick up on that pretty fast and they won't connect with you. I think social media is about being authentic and being proud of who you are!

Rozalia Russian

Rozalia Russian is an Australian fashion icon, entrepreneur, model and mother based in Melbourne, known for her sophisticated high-low aesthetic. From her beginnings in marketing and advertising, Russian cultivated her understanding of the commercial world and now boasts a digital lifestyle platform, a record-selling shoe collection and partnerships with leading consumer brands.  

What's your career highlight? Working as the face of Anton Jewellery. My family and I fled from Russia after the war and came to Australia with only two suitcases to our name. My mum sold all of her jewellery to pay for food and living expenses as we tried to rebuild our lives in a new country. After many years, and a lot of hard work, my mum was finally able to buy herself her very first piece of jewellery, and it just so happened to be from Anton. She still wears it every day! A few years ago, I signed on with Anton to become their ambassador and we were able to share my Mum's incredible story of survival for their Mother's Day campaign. It's amazing how things come full circle.

Favourite app? Any of the shopping apps! Apparently, I'm a shopaholic...I'm not arguing the point. Whether it's Net-a-Porter, Matches or Farfetch, I'm happy to use any to get my fix. 

Best advice for budding social media stars? Don't curate, live in the moment and allow your followers to come on the journey with you. So many people refine social media to be too perfect. Everyone has a bad day every so often; your kid is bound to draw on your white walls using your favourite lipstick every once in a while. Stay true to yourself and make sure people can relate. It doesn't mean you can't still keep it chic!

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