Kirsten Dunst

Take a piece of advice from Kirsten Dunst: Don't spray tan and cuddle.

In Spring 2017, she and husband Jesse Plemons welcomed their first baby, son Ennis Howard Plemons. And, about five months later, she headed back to work to film the upcoming dark comedy series, On Becoming a God in Central Florida. Here's where her cautionary tale comes in.

"I had a spray tan every Sunday for this role," the actress admitted on Thursday's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. "I remember Monday morning my mother-in-law is texting me. She's like, ‘I think Ennis has a little bit of brown, reddish hair coming in right here!' I was like, ‘Lisa, that's my spray tan!'"

Eek! "So, on Sundays I couldn't hold my kid," she told to host Stephen Colbert. "I would postpone it to the latest possible minute so that I could hold my baby before he went to bed or before I put him to bed. I couldn't put him to bed on Sunday nights because I would just get spray tan all over him!"

Thankfully, she had a village to help her out, especially on set. "I had my mother-in-law and family and friends would come visit," the Bring It On alum recalled. "So I always had people around me. It wasn't so bad. It actually was a little bit of a break from cleaning bottles and things like that."

Indeed, she, surprisingly, much prefers dirty diapers to dirty bottles.

"I actually would rather clean poop!" Dunst added, noting when it comes to bottles, "you clean one and there's another one to clean. It's just never ending, never ending. And you have to use hot water, your hands hurt."

Luckily, her love of three years doesn't mind getting his hands down and dirty. As she raved, "He's a very good dad."

Watch her gush about motherhood in the clip above!

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