The Bachelor Australia’s Monique Responds to Leaked Texts About "Dog C--t" Drama

The eliminated bachelorette addresses claims some contestants lied to get on Bachelor in Paradise

By Winsome Walker Aug 16, 2019 3:04 AMTags
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The Bachelor Australia's dog days aren't over yet.

In Thursday night's episode, Matt confronted Monique again over Abbie's allegations that she had called him a "disrespectful pig" and a "dog c--t". The conversation didn't end well, with Matt asking 26-year-old lingerie designer Monique to leave the mansion before the rose ceremony.

But on Wednesday, the Daily Mail published text messages reportedly between a Bachelor contestant and a friend claiming some bachelorettes had actually lied about Monique's comments for their own gain.

"Half [the] girls saying it happened [weren't] even there at [the] time haha," the contestant reportedly wrote in the text, adding that she was "99% sure" producers had "promised" them a spot in Bachelor in Paradise "if they said they heard it in an interview on camera".

Speaking to E! News after her elimination, Monique said that Paradise was never on the cards for her while she was in the mansion.  

"I had so much stuff going on around me that, one, Paradise wasn't even spoken about, and two, I wasn't even thinking about Paradise. So I can't imagine that being true," she said of the supposed texts. "But there were some girls in the house that there should have been questions about why they were there. So who knows?"

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The New South Wales-based contestant said she still couldn't remember calling Matt by the ‘flowery' words in question—but if she did, it was definitely a joke.

"If you asked me about a joke that was said a while ago, I'm not going to remember it. I have a terrible memory, and I'm not going to blame it on the fact that I have ADD, but it doesn't help either," she said. "I genuinely can't remember me saying that sentence to Rachael. Yes, I definitely swear. 99 percent of the time when I was in the house, I was always speaking positively about Matt, and that's why I was so shocked."


After the Bachie drama, Monique said she can't imagine "ever" being friends with Abbie.

"I think I've seen too much now where I just can't," she said. "After the rose ceremony, she was like, I'm so glad you're here. I didn't want you to go. But then on camera, she was like, I'm so glad she's gone. I don't see her as a nice, honest, genuine person and I don't need that kind of person in my life, so good riddance."

But Monique has found support from another reality TV alum, Married at First Sight Australia's Jessika Power. (For the record, she also knows—and has shared photos of herself with—Jess' brother, Rhys Power.)

"Jess said if you're getting hate, just not to look at it," Monique told E! News. "She has been absolutely wonderful and said, I've always got your back. She's been through the wringer. If she can get through it, I can get through it."

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