What The Bachelor Australia Contestants Didn’t Know About Matt and Abbie’s Kiss

Eliminated contestant Isabelle revealed why the bachelorettes were shocked by Thursday's steamy kiss

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Matt Agnew and Abbie's pash-fest on The Bachelor Australia was so steamy that the astrophysicist's glasses fogged up.

But not all of the contestants knew the pair's makeout session was as intense as it played out on TV, eliminated contestant Isabelle told E! News.

"When things happen in the mansion, the girls tell one end of the story and then you watch it back and you're like, wow, that was a lot more than what I was picturing in my head," the pilates instructor said. "It was a shock because we really didn't expect [the kiss] to happen. When Abbie came back, we were almost in a sense of disbelief, like, maybe she's lying. Maybe she's fibbing."

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Isabelle told E! News that she had expected Matt to turn the proud Gemini down and declare that he was "not interested".

"We thought it was going to go the complete opposite way," the 29-year-old revealed. "And then when she came back with the rose and no lipstick, we were like, what just happened?"


But Isabelle doesn't judge Matt for locking lips with a few of the bachelorettes so far.

"You don't know what it's going to be like unless you're in that situation itself. If I was Matt, I probably would want to kiss some of the guys that I was interested in," she said. "It's just a kiss. It's not like they're sleeping together. I would want my future partner to be a good kisser, so I'm not going hold that against him for trying."

After Thursday's episode, Isabelle rates Abbie's chance at winning "pretty damn high".  But she also thinks Elly has a good shot at taking home the final rose.

"I already had my money on Elly with her winning the Golden Ticket. My money is still on Elly," Isabelle said. "She's just a beautiful soul. She's someone that could be your best mate and you'd want to marry like, straight away. She's just so genuine."

And while Isabelle wasn't lucky in love in the mansion, she's now dating a man she met before joining the reality series.

"I'm happily taken at the moment which is nice," she said. "I met him last year and we had already had a date. But the timing wasn't right because he's a FIFO worker and our schedules didn't meet up. We hung out again after I got out of the house, and things just progressed from there."

We'll take that as another Bachie success story!

The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on Ten.

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