The Bachelor Australia 2019: Meet All 28 Women Vying for Matt Agnew’s Heart

The lineup includes a children's entertainer, China researcher and more.

By Winsome Walker Jul 29, 2019 3:04 AMTags
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Roses at the ready!

With just days to go until The Bachelor Australia premiere this Wednesday, Ten has announced the complete lineup of all 28 women hoping to win 31-year-old Matt Agnew's heart.

So far we've met the likes of Gemini Abbie, model Vakoo, chemical engineer Chelsie (complete with an oxytocin temporary tattoo) and China researcher Kristen. The bachelorettes are joined by nurse Elly, Pilates instructor Isabelle, children's entertainer Julia and student Nikki (who fills the novelty costume quota in a cheerleader outfit)—plus many more.

This year's contenders range from ages 23-34, with eight hailing from Victoria, where astrophysicist Matt now calls home.

Ahead of The Bachelor premiere (Wednesday, July 1 at 7.30PM), meet all the single and ready to mingle contenders below! 

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Abbie, 23, Property Analyst, QLD

Unfiltered and vivacious, Abbie is a social butterfly who loves getting into heated political debates. The Property Analyst roars with laughter when she finds something funny and her cackle is infectious. The 23-year-old is looking for a man who enjoys thought-provoking conversations, is honest and supportive.

Brianna, 24, Clerical Officer, WA

Social and honest, Brianna loves being around people and spends most of her time with family or friends. While the 24-year-old says she doesn't need someone, she wants that special someone to love in her life. Her ideal man will understand her sense of humour and they will just ‘click'! She believes if you have good banter, that is everything.

Cassandra, 33, Jewellery Designer, SA

Successful businesswoman Cassandra has built her life exactly how she wants it and now needs someone "quite epic" to join the ride. The jewellery designer feels that settling would be shooting herself in the foot, so is looking for a chivalrous gentleman whom her close-knit Italian family would approve of.

Chelsie, 28, Chemical Engineer, VIC

Chemical Engineer Chelsie is looking for a spontaneous yet sensible man who considers her feelings, is adventurous and attentive. After often losing herself in past relationships, go-getter Chelsie is looking for a loyal man who enjoys the outdoors and learning new things as much as she does.

Danush, 34, Chartered Accountant, VIC

Witty, intelligent and logical with a dash of impulsiveness, Danush knows exactly what she wants. While she is ready to commit, she isn't ready to settle down and the 34-year-old is looking for a man who is serious about life but stills wants to have a good time. Danush wants someone friendly, driven, who likes fitness and getting out and about in the sun.

Elly, 24, Nurse, NSW

Country-girl Elly is a big softie with a kind heart. The 24-year-old looks at people in love and wants to feel that for herself. Elly is looking for that spark with a man who is family orientated, humble and wants to travel the world while ticking off their bucket-lists together.

Emma, 32, Fashion Brand Manager, NSW

Irish born Emma is a kind, giggly, generous girl who loves to travel and is lucky enough to do so with her work. The brand manager is a relationship type of girl who is 100% ready to settle down. The 32-year-old's ideal man will be tall, driven and manly with sensitive qualities.

Georgia, 32, Cosmetic Nurse, QLD

Self-confessed whinging pommie, Georgie loves anything to do with history, super productive days and the chance to be challenged. The 32-year-old mum's ideal man will throw a little insult at her and then get cracking with the conversation, be proud of her and consider her when making decisions.

Hannah, 25, Digital Account Manager, VIC

Animated and entertaining, Hannah hates arrogance and has been known to even pull strangers up on it. The 25-year-old is attracted to intelligence and a sense of humour and wants a guy that gets her quirks. The digital account manager is looking for a man that is "not just a great sales pitch but also a great product".

Helena, 25, Health Coach, WA

Born in Mauritius and after a life of travel, Helena wants the next person she dates to be ‘the one'. Brazen, dependable and brutally honest, her new man needs to be able to call her out when needed. However, he'll have to get both her sister and Mum's approval before he moves to the next step.

Isabelle, 29, Pilates Instructor, QLD

Fit, flirty and strong-willed, Isabelle knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell it like it is, even if it's a bit harsh. The straight-talking pilates instructor loves the outdoors and while she wants kids, she doesn't need them to "complete her life". Her ideal partner will be book and street smart with a great sense of humour and have the ability to grow facial hair.

Jessica, 30, Makeup Artist, VIC

Sarcastic, sexy and a bit sassy, Jessica is loyal to a fault. The 30-year-old makeup artist wants to break the pre-conceived ideas that people have about her based on her looks. Jessica wants to find someone who is living their life and knows what they want so they can explore, travel and do spontaneous things together.

Jessie, 30, Executive PA, WA

Straight talking Jessie has a sharp tongue and doesn't suffer fools. The 30-year-old doesn't want to live a mediocre life and is looking for a guy who is on her timeline and ready to take the reins. Her ideal man will be positive, able to hold a conversation and definitely not attached to his phone.

Julia, 28, Children's Entertainer, NSW

Sensitive and passionate Julia can sum herself up in one phrase…a hopeless romantic. The children's entertainer is looking for someone to invite into her world and firmly believes that love is a choice and that you shouldn't do life alone. Julia's mother's advice on love is "give your smile to everyone, but your heart to only one".

Keely, 27, Textiles Designer, QLD

Keely has a great energy that lights up a room. The creative designer is passionate about sustainable textiles, natural therapies and eating healthy. Travel and experiences are what drives the 27-year-old rather than material things. Her ideal man shares her desires for life and loves to go on adventures as she gets cabin fever if she's cooped up too long.

Kristen, 24, China Researcher, QLD

Confident Sinophile Kristen loves everything to do with China and is passionate about encouraging young Australians to learn Mandarin. Known to her friends as ‘The China Girl', a go-getter and a terrible cook, Kristen is sure that being on The Bachelor Australia is exactly where she is meant to be right now. The 24-year-old is looking for a driven yet humble man who has the ability to light up a room with his presence.

Mary, 31, Cook, VIC

Vivacious and outgoing, Mary is a hopeless romantic looking for her Prince Charming. He will ideally be tall, caring, a true gentleman who must have abs. The Brazilian mum has a firm rule on dates, that they need to kiss her within the first 30 minutes or it goes no further.

Monique, 26, Fashion Designer, NSW

Creative, wild and wonderful, Monique is a tomboy who loves fashion. The 26-year-old designer falls in love easily and is looking for a man who is confident in himself, funny and loving. Her ideal date would be doing something full of adrenaline like sky diving or swimming with sharks.

Nichole, 25, Cafe Manager, QLD

Outgoing and with no filter, Nichole is quite the talker and will never back down from an argument. Nicknamed Noodle, the café manager wants a manly man who is able to pitch a tent and go fishing with her. They need to love the outdoors as much as she does and be able to fix anything.

Nikki, 24, Student, NSW

Quirky and just a little uncoordinated, Nikki bursts at the seams with energy and is a big lover of life. Her friends describe her as a "nice champagne bubbly whose there for you when you need it". Her ideal date would be jet skiing to a secluded beach for a picnic before heading to a musical with a kind, compassionate and passionate man who is ambitious and caring.

Rachael, 23, Personal Trainer, NSW

Self-confessed ‘life of the party', Rachael loves to the stir the pot. The personal trainer is passionate about fitness and enjoys helping shape people's bodies. Rachael lives her life with no regrets and wants a man who can put her in her place when she gets a little too head strong. The 23-year-old loves the outdoors as it clears her mind and makes her feel at peace.

Renee, 25, Healthcare Coordinator, NT

Smart and expressive, Renee is a Northern Territory girl through and through. The 25-year-old feels she has the most rewarding job and is extremely passionate about the remote health needs within the Northern Territory. Renee follows her heart over her head, loves motocross and spearfishing and is hoping to meet a smart and handsome go-getter with ambition.

Sam, 29, Public Servant, VIC

Sam has done and seen more than most people do in their lifetime. Sam is a social justice warrior who is passionate about gender equality and ending world poverty. Sam already has the house, dog, friends, family and dream job. She just needs the man so they can go on life's adventures together and have kids.

Sogand, 30, Civil Engineer, NSW

Smart and articulate, Sogand knows what she wants and sets the standards high in all aspects of her life. Gentle in nature, 30-year-old Sogand shouldn't be underestimated as she isn't afraid to speak her mind and has the worst poker face. The civil engineer is looking for a man who takes care of himself, can hold a conversation and is honest with his feelings.

Sophie, 25, Copywriter, VIC

Sweet, vivacious and always up for a good time, Sophie is ready to take on any challenge life throws at her. Hailing from Italian and Ukranian descent, Sophie's parents have been together over 35 years and she is looking for a man to have that kind of marriage with. The copywriter values honesty and humour and wants a partner who definitely doesn't have a mullet and loves her for who she is.

Tara, 25, Nurse, VIC

Open, honest and sometimes a little stubborn, Tara finds that when it comes to girls, drama always follows. The 25-year-old nurse has a big heart and often fosters cats when shelters don't have room for them. While her friends say she is picky, Tara won't date for the hell of it and is hoping for a kind and understanding man who is willing to go through the hardships of life together.

Tash, 34, Sports Teacher, NSW

Loud, funny and always up for an adventure, Tash is a born and bred country girl who has swapped riding horses and shearing sheep for hitting the beach and learning to surf. This sports teacher wants someone who enjoys an active lifestyle, is understanding and wants to have a family.

Vakoo, 23, Model, NSW

Bubbly, sassy and full of energy, Vakoo is a charismatic model who would do anything for her friends and family. While she is yet to truly fall in love, Vakoo is ready and knows she needs to let her guard down in order to find it. The African beauty's ideal partner would be quirky, loyal, sarcastic, family orientated and full of ambition.