Robert Pattinson

What do Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves and Robert Pattinson all have in common? Besides being completely doable, they all share one very yucky habit.

We got word from people hotly preparing for work up on the Vancouver set of New Moon that Rob P. causes quite the commotion on set. No, not from sneaking Kristen Stewart into his trailer. It's much, much dirtier folks...

"He stinks. I mean, it's awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy," dishes someone who works in very close quarters with Patz. Apparently, our shaggy love never rinses that bod of his. Like, ever. And it's past the point of a little BO. "He completely reeks," complains an annoyed crewmember.

It's one of the biggest turnoffs ever—to have a sexy stud shower you with dandruff and odor instead of steamy kisses. Please, babe, learn the art of a little body wash and maybe you can date your costars, which is what all us fans and gossips want anyway, right?

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