These Bachelor Australia Contestants Are Very Confused by Astrophysicist Matt Agnew's Job

Meet the women vying for Matt's heart on the Ten series

By Winsome Walker Jul 10, 2019 6:28 AMTags
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Matt Agnew is The Bachelor Australia's first ever astrophysicist—and some contestants are spacing out over what his impressive job title means.

In a new promo for the Ten series, one of the bachelorettes is baffled when asked "Do you understand what Matt's job is?" by a producer.

Her reply? "No, not really. Am I supposed to?" she laughs.

During the first cocktail party, another bachelorette struggles to pronounce the "very big" word, while one contestant hilariously observes, "It sounds like a fake job. Like, my boyfriend's an astrophysicist".


But they're not only ones confused by 31-year-old Matt's field of work.

In a trailer released last week—which has since gone viral—23-year-old property analyst Abbie endearingly confuses astrophysics and astrology, and tells the new suitor that she's "a Gemini". (For the record, Matt is a Leo).

The clip even caught the attention of Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, who tweeted to her 1.54 million followers: "WHERE CAN I WATCH THIS WHOLE SEASON?!"  

If you need a primer on what Matt actually does for a living, he sums things up best himself. "As an astrophysicist, I get to basically research to try and find another planet for future generations to live on," he explains in a promo. "I'm really proud of what I've achieved in my career so far, but at the end of the day you can't have a cuddle with a PHD."

The Bachelor Australia competition is looking fierce so far. To date, we've been introduced to 28-year-old chemical engineer Chelsie, who won Matt over with a temporary tattoo of the chemical structure of oxytocin (points for originality and science).

Meanwhile, three bachelorettes have tried to charm Matt in three different languages. 25-year-old Helena sparked a flirt-fest in French, while 30-year-old New South Wales contestant Sogand cheekily tricked him to propose in Persian. 24-year-old Queenslander Kristen also exchanged some phrases with Matt in Mandarin.

Matt himself ticks a lot of boxes: he's not only intelligent but has dashing good looks, likes to stay keep fit and is a secret weapon in the kitchen.

He's also committed to finding true love after Nick Cummins chose to pick no one in the 2018 Bachelor finale.

"I'm really hoping to fall in love. It's the best feeling in the world," Matt said in a statement. "I'm at a stage in my life where I'm established in my career, I own my own home and finding someone to share my life with would make it the trifecta."

The Bachelor Australia is coming soon to Ten.

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