Why Damon Gameau’s 2040 Is Your Next Must-See Australian Documentary

If you loved That Sugar Film, this will be your next documentary obsession.

By Winsome Walker May 20, 2019 6:32 AMTags
Damon Gameau, 2040Supplied

Damon Gameau's 2014 documentary That Sugar Film gave audiences some bitter truths to swallow about hidden sugars and ‘healthy' eating choices.

Now, the Australian director and actor is back with a new documentary that asks a simple yet important question: What will the world look like in 2040?

The documentary serves as a visual letter to Gameau's daughter Velvet, who will be 25-years-old by 2040.

"My daughter was four when I started making the film. The more articles I read, the more I felt really concerned about what kind of world we were leaving her, and what kind of world she'd have to deal with as a result of some of our actions," The Kettering Incident actor told E! News.

"It was a sense of [saying] right, what are some of the solutions to these problems? It's important to know there are solid, legitimate solutions that exist that we can turn to if things start falling apart—which they are already."

For the documentary, Gameau travelled across the globe—from Bangladesh to Belgium—to find practical solutions like electric self-driving cars and underwater crops of seaweed that could improve the health of the planet.

His vision of the future is an optimistic antidote to the doom and gloom of stories like Black Mirror and Blade Runner 2049.

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"You look at most Hollywood films—in fact nearly every Hollywood film—and the future is always portrayed as pretty dark. There are robots everywhere and there's certainly no nature," Gameau told E! News. "I think we need to be careful because we might just march straight into that, and people might expect that just to be our future if we're not careful. I don't think it does need to be that way. A lot of us don't want it to be that way.

"I see it as an opportunity that there are things we can do that actually make our lives better, treat animals better, treat the soil and the oceans better."


After the release of 2040, Gameau has plenty to keep him busy. Later in the year, he and Winners & Losers star Zoe Tuckwell-Smith are expecting their second child.

Which begs the question: Will he make a 2040 sequel for his next child?

"I'm going to have to make a film for the next child otherwise they're going to have serious FOMO. I'll have to get on that," Gameau told E! News with a laugh.

"A lot of people have been talking about if we can do a series, so we are talking to a couple of networks about that extended into a long format. Anything I make moving forward I think will fit under this 2040 umbrella. I feel like it is the most important issue of our time and for the younger generation."

2040 is in cinemas May 23.