The Truth About Shannon and Connor’s Bachelor in Paradise Split

BIP star Zoe reveals the one thing that "doesn't sit well" with her about Connor and Shannon's split.

By Winsome Walker May 02, 2019 2:13 AMTags
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Shannon Baff and Connor Obrochta left Bachelor in Paradise Australia hand-in-hand to pursue their relationship in the real world.

But, as Shannon revealed to the Courier Mail on Tuesday, their romance did not last after the cameras stopped rolling.

"I was open to moving to the US but afterwards when we were planning to meet up in Hawaii I was the one organising everything and I didn't feel like it was getting reciprocated," Byron Bay-based Shannon said. "A week and a half [after the show] he went to LA and I heard nothing else."

BiP alum Zoe O'Brien told E! News that Connor had spent more time talking to her than his ex. 

"I've had a fair bit to do with Shannon since," 29-year-old Zoe said. "I think I've spoken to Connor more than she has, which doesn't sit well for me. It's just as friends, there's nothing untoward about it.

"But I really thought that they were the real deal in paradise. I'm sad for Shan because she deserves to find someone who is really genuine and adores her."

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Zoe could only speculate on why the couple did not last long-term.

"Maybe it was the distance, maybe once he got back to the USA he was like, oh, we're in different countries," the presenter and pharmacist told E! News.

"Maybe he was just there to play the game. I honestly don't know and I haven't really asked because it's not my place."

And after leaving Bachelor in Paradise on Wednesday night's episode, Zoe believes some of the remaining men only decided to stick around for airtime or a holiday.

"I think all of the girls are very genuine," she told E! News. "But it's really hard to gauge if the guys are into it or if they're just hanging around for the holiday. And I get it, it's fun. But I think the girls have some really genuine feelings in the mix there, which is really hard."

As for her own dating life, Zoe is open to finding love post-BiP but hasn't had a lot of luck.

"I haven't been dating," she told E! News. "But it's not that I'm not open to it. When I went into paradise none of the boys were interested, and none of the boys are interested in the real world. I can't catch a break!"

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