Bachelor in Paradise's Elora Says These Couples Won't Stay Together

The BIP star weighs in on all the major couples, from Alex Nation and Bill to Shannon and Connor.

By Winsome Walker May 01, 2019 3:25 AMTags
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Elora Murger's Bachelor in Paradise Australia journey was short but not sweet.

The 30-year-old, who arrived in Fiji to find most of the contestants coupled up, didn't know that she'd be joining BiP so late in the game.

"They book you for the show and then you wait for their call and the dates," Elora told E! News after her elimination. "The closer it was getting to the end date of filming, I was like, oh s--t."

The Noosa-based contestant tried—and failed—to form a connection with Alex Nation on a single date and even approached Connor when she suspected he was considering leaving the show.

But instead, Connor and Shannon left together in the hope of pursuing a relationship outside of the reality TV pressure cooker.  

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Asked if any of the couples will last the distance, Elora answered without hesitation: "None of them".

"I didn't see and I didn't feel any real love there," she told E! News. "People were sleeping around, but I didn't feel any love there at all."


As for Elora herself, she's currently open to dating post-Paradise—and even went on a promising date on the weekend.  

"I did actually meet someone this weekend and we'll see how that goes. He's lovely," she told E! News. "I met him in Noosa. When I went to feed my horses, he was there. We just went for one date together and I'll probably see him again."

With the BiP finale in sight, we got Elora to weigh in on all the major Bachie couples (sorry, Zoe and Mack!) and to predict which relationships will actually stand the test of time.

Shannon and Connor

"From what I know on the show when I was in paradise, everybody was telling me that their relationship did not make sense. That they were fighting, that they were on and off. It seemed very complicated. I'd say it started too rocky to last."

Alex Nation and Bill

"I think they're too different. He needs someone that's a little bit younger, in the sense that she's a very elegant woman. He needs someone a bit more playful. To me, I wouldn't have matched them together but they were actually beautiful in paradise."

Tenille and Nathan

"Tenille is an absolute goddess and I see her with someone a little bit older. She's a different calibre of woman, for sure. I don't think they'll last because he seems like he doesn't know what he wants just yet."

Jules and Alisha

"These two are my absolute favourites. They are so cute, they're made for each other. I actually don't know if they're still together or not. If they're not, they should reconnect."

Caroline and American Alex

"American Alex can come marry me! On the show, everybody was telling me that I look exactly [like Caroline]. Everybody was like, oh my god, you two look like sisters. The bartender was always confusing me for her, and her for me. Who knows, maybe American Alex might like me if it doesn't work out with Caroline."

Florence and Davey Lloyd

"They're both naughty, they're both outrageous and I think they're a good match for sure. I think it's lust."

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