Tracy Morgan Says Being “Hit by a Truck” Was the Ultimate Second Chance

The Last O.G. star caught up with E! News to chat about season 2, crying on set and his mini 30 Rock reunion.

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Nothing scares Tracy Morgan.

In 2014, the American actor survived a deadly car crash, which killed his friend James McNair and forced him to learn to walk and talk again.

"Am I a scared guy? Baby listen, I'm from Brooklyn," the Saturday Night Live alum tells E! News. "And if you're from Brooklyn, you ain't never scared. I got hit by a truck, so I ain't never scared."

Morgan returned to his Brooklyn roots to shoot the comedy series The Last O.G., which follows a felon named Tray who tries to turn his life around after 15 years in jail. But Tray finds the neighbourhood totally transformed—and his former girlfriend [played by Tiffany Haddish] now married to a white man [Ryan Gaul].

To mark the second season of the Stan series, Morgan, 50, caught up with E! News to chat about crying on set and his mini 30 Rock reunion.

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The Last O.G. is all about second chances. How is the show a second chance for you?
When I got hit by the truck I was given a second chance and I just wanted to incorporate that into the show. You don't have to get hit by a truck, you don't have to get shot, you don't have to get stabbed, you don't have to go to prison. You could simply just lay down in your bed and not wake up. So we have to be thankful every day that there's a second chance for everybody.

Your character Tray has some surprisingly emotional moments in season 2 alongside Tiffany Haddish. Were your on-camera tears real?
Yes, yes, yes, yes. I wanted to see my kids being born, so I incorporated the moment that my daughter and my sons were born [into the show]. That's what I went back to, that's where I drew from. At that very moment I was watching my daughter come out, I was watching my sons come out. So it was easy. It wasn't acting–it was literally me.

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There are some great guests in season 2, including your 30 Rock co-star Jack McBrayer. What was it like reconnecting with him?
It was that feeling of family all over again. He's that cousin that comes over. I love him. We have good chemistry. We were on seven seasons of 30 Rock together, so to get that chemistry back was wonderful. I loved it. When we were on 30 Rock we played two quirky characters. These guys that we're playing now are a bit more grounded.

You've teamed up twice with Jordan Peele, who co-created The Last O.G and put you in an episode of The Twilight Zone.
It was fun to do that! When I did The Twilight Zone it was about drama, so you know, I was stretching a different muscle.

What did you think of Jordan Peele's movie Us?
I thought it was incredible. I told him personally, I said it was incredible. And when we left the movie theatre, me and my wife were still trying to connect the dots. That's when you know it's a good movie, when there's a conversation after the movie.

You've also lent your voice to Fox's Green Eggs and Ham series and play Captain Caveman in the Scoob movie. Is that voice work a conscious choice, or are those roles falling your way?
When I do voice work, that's for my daughter. That's the baby, that's for the baby. All that is dedicated to my daughter. She's five years old.

What does a man like Tracy Morgan do in his spare time?
Stay with the kids. Stay with family. For my wife and my daughters and my sons, that's what I do. When I'm in my spare time, I'm a dad. When I do comedy, I'm an actor. When I'm with my wife, I'm a husband. I keep it very simple.

Season 2 of The Last O.G. is now streaming on Stan, with new episodes weekly.

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