The Best Twitter Reactions to Married at First Sight’s Dramatic Girls' Night

We've rounded up the most relatable reactions to MAFS' Tamara/Jessika/Martha showdown.

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There ain't no party like a Married at First Sight Australia party.

The MAFS brides and grooms hit the town for a wild night without their significant others on Tuesday—and boy was there drama.

"I actually hope the girls are going to have a few drinks and just let some secrets fly because I love the gossip," Tamara said while getting ready, perfectly predicting what would happen next.

During the boys' night shenanigans, Michael decided to keep quiet about Jessika and Dan's affair, but Cam suspected something wasn't quite right.

When the ex-cricketer asked Dan if he had "thoughts or feelings" for any other participant, the car salesman replied, "I think his missus is f--king hot as f--k," while pointing at Mick.

Mick's reaction to the situation? "That's a bit how ya going," he told the producers.

But while Dan admitted his attraction to Jessika, he blatantly lied about their hookup. As expected, Twitter had some very strong thoughts about the situation:

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Meanwhile, the women traded stories and secrets over margaritas (or red wine through a straw, in Tamara's case).

When Tamara grilled Jessika about her feelings for Dan, Jessika denied their affair. "Look yeah, I find Dan very attractive," she said. "I think he's an amazing guy. But no."

Jessika then pulled a switcheroo and turned the attention on Mark and Mick, alleging the pair had bragged about all the sex they'd have with "a whole bunch of bitches" after MAFS.

Here's how the Twiterverse reacted: 

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