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Good news for 24 fans! Executive producer Howard Gordon has just confirmed the eighth season is most definitely coming—and soon!

Says Gordon, "We're gearing up for a May start date. I'm with the writers now just putting our heads together, coming up with an idea. Unless we fail to come up with an idea that's satisfactory, you'll see an eighth season." Holler!

And if that weren't exciting enough, Annie Wersching is confirmed to return next season, which might mean some lovin' for Mr. Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), except that Gordon also teased a shocking death—could it even be Jack Bauer finally kicking the bucket?

Survey says: Not yet!

While the eighth season is secure, that doesn't mean Jack Bauer is. Gordon told us at TCA that a post-season-eight movie is likely, but apparently producers don't have their hearts set on it. Gordon said today, "We may decide ultimately if there's not a movie [story] worth telling, Jack may see his last day on television. He could die in the series...I think that's possible."

Now it's time for some goodies about Monday's major two-hour episode...

White House Drama: As I reported back in November, the White House is going to be attacked. As with any big 24 event, there will be plenty of deaths and a big hostage standoff. "These guys are in scuba gear, breaking through subterranean rock. Obviously it's more like a James Bond film than a documentary on how one would try to breach the White House," says Gordon. Still, pretty amazing...

24, Annie Werschin

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Jack and Renee Sitting in a Tree: Even though Dubaku (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) is in the hospital, there's another Dubaku—his son—gunning for Renee (Annie Wersching). Renee's life is definitely in danger, but fret not! Gordon assures us that Agent Walker sticks around until next season, saying, "This season they establish the emotional framework for a relationship. We're going to see that manifested in the eighth season. It's definitely part of our plan, but it's not a romance in the traditional sense of the word. It's a lot more broken and jagged than what you might imagine."

Chloe's Baby Bump Ahoy: They have finally found their way to get Chloe offscreen so Mary-Lynn Rajskub could go have her baby. Gordon says, "She's going to be in some big trouble—she'll have to repair her legacy." But Chloe eventually returns, and the FBI desperately needs her later this season. "You'll see there is a distinction with what CTU was once able to do and what FBI is able to do, and that gets brought into relief when Chloe reenters the story at a later point," adds Gordon.

Jon Voight

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Big Bad Jonas: Finally, we really get to meet Jonas Hodge (Jon Voight) in Monday night's big event. We knew he had close ties to the government after seeing him on the presidential steps before the inauguration, but Gordon says, "You will get a full-bodied explanation of Jon Voight's motivations. He is in the tradition of all our best villains: very complicated, megalomaniacal and, in his view, well intentioned. You'll know in all its operatic glory why he's done what he's done." That doesn't sound too good for Jack!

So should Jack and Renee end up happily ever after? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

—Reporting by Natalie Abrams

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