Married at First Sight's Jessika Looks Totally Unrecognisable in Pre-MAFS Photos

Married at First Sight Australia star Jessika Power had a totally different look before fame. See the photos and get all the details on her makeover!

By Ashley Spencer Feb 28, 2019 11:35 PMTags
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Married at First Sight Australia bride Jessika has changed her appearance nearly as much as she's changed her preference in grooms.

The 26-year-old's trademark pout and blonde hair had a much different look just a year before filming MAFS. In an Instagram photo with her dad posted in July 2017, the Western Australia native is nearly makeup-free and sports darker locks.

Perth dental clinic Maven Dental Yokine previously fitted Jessika with a set of Glamsmile veneers in 2016 and shared pics of their "ecstatic patient" on Instagram.

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In another selfie from 2014, the part-time model is practically unrecognisable as she poses for the camera with a bouquet of flowers.

Since appearing on Married at First Sight, Jessika has seen her Instagram skyrocket to more than 107k followers. But Jessika denies going on the reality series for Insta-fame.

"It's because I'm young, and it's because I'm outgoing," Jessika told 9Honey Celebrity. "It's because I am intelligent and because I am good looking, and I guess people will look at me and go, 'What do you mean you're looking for love? What do you mean you can't find love? You're a model, you're a model, you must be here for the Instagram.'"

Jessika is currently stirring up controversy by flirting with basically everyone's husband but her own on the hit series. After losing interest in her designated groom Mick, she set her sights on farmer Nic, then intruder Daniel at Wednesday night's dinner party.

Married at First Sight Australia airs Sunday at 7pm and Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on Nine.

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