Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen

Mark Davis/AP; Mark Sullivan/Getty Images

Watch out, Denise Richards. Your ex-father-in-law has it in for you!

Well, at least when it comes to dancing.

"I should be on Dancing With the Stars," Martin Sheen told us last night at the premiere of his new movie, Echelon Conspiracy, when asked about Richards' turn on this season's DWTS. "Of course I would do it!"

In more serious Sheen matters, we're happy to report that the messy drama between Charlie and Denise may finally be over.

"I see Charlie every day, so it used be that every day I'd hear him talk about [the divorce], and every day I'd hear him make comments about Denise," Charlie's younger brother Ramon Estevez told us last night. "But for months, I haven't really heard that. I guess that means the conflict between them has died down. You know, time heals all wounds, and hopefully that's what's happened here."

In fact, Estevez went so far as to praise the E! reality star's decision to participate on DWTS, believing it could make her a better mom to her and Charlie's two girls, Sam, 4, and Lola, 3. "It's a positive thing to do as a parent, and I think it'll be good for Denise's kids to see her doing something uplifting and light and enjoyable," Estevez said. "When the girls see their mom having fun with something like that, they can learn from it."

And speaking of Charlie and Denise's little ones, it sounds like the two girls are going to handle being big half-sisters (Charlie and his wife, Brooke Mueller, are expecting twin boys) perfectly fine.

"I think they're gonna be just the right age that they're gonna be kind of fascinated," Estevez said of his nieces. "I think they're old enough to where there isn't going to be quite the jealousy, because they can really get around and they can have a little bit of independence that the new ones won't have. I think they're going to be a real help and want to participate."

—Additional Reporting by Dahvi Shira

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