Katie Holmes, Chocolate Chip Cookies

JayThornton/INFphoto.com, Emanuele Taroni/ Getty Images

•  Few things help you get over the mid-week hump like chocolate chip cookies, and Katie Holmes knows it.

•  The combined hot messes of Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen may create a sonic boom. We suggest you keep a safe distance.

•  Shannen Doherty gives new meaning to the term "editrix."

•  After Delgo was a TKO, Freddie Prinze Jr. went to work on the creative team for the WWE. The gig must not have been all that because he quit already.

•  Kendra Wilkinson is afraid her wedding dress will look like something out of the Awesome 80s Prom. There's an easy fix for that-don't get a dress that looks that way.

•  If you think Zac Efron needs a haircut, check out Nick Nolte.

•  Dear Ashton Kutcher & Todd Goldman: We can't thank you enough for the Blah Girls! Love, Rise 'n' Shine

Don't you love when celebs like Anne Hathaway smile while signing autographs? So does Big Pic!

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