It's hard to believe that it's been 17-years since Shane West and Mandy Moore gave the world the romantic drama that would endure  for years to come.

A lot has changed since A Walk to Remember premiered. For one, Shane is now a star on Fox's Gotham and Mandy is a beloved main character on This Is Us. Secondly, Mandy is married to Taylor Goldsmith, thus dashing all fans' hopes for an off-screen relationship for these two. 

Luckily, their friendship is stronger than ever. 

In a new interview with E! News, the actor dishes on his favorite moments from shooting the film, the unexpected fame it caused and how he and Mandy still keep in touch all these years later. To jog up some of the memories, Shane watched a message from his former co-star, which was a "sweet" surprise for the actor. 

"Mandy was phenomenal and my best friend when we were working on that," Shane reminisces. 

Moreover, the surprise message from his friend reminds him of the moment that their director told them, "Prepare for the rest of your lives to be changed."

He explains, "We hadn't had anything that had been a success like that, so that will probably be on of my favorite memories."

To see more of Shane's interview and the adorable message Mandy sent to him, check out the video above!

Catch Shane tonight in Gotham on FOX.

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