Portia deRossi, Julianne Hough

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Watch out, Prop 8-supporting California viewers, the gays are coming to Dancing With the Stars! Of course, the wildly popular show's starting up again with a whole slew of loveable Z-Listers, but not one of 'em is matched with a dancing partner of the same sex, dammit to hell.

It's been eight friggin' seasons already—can we ever expect some fair and equal treatment on the ballroom competish?

Yes! Here's what happened when we went digging high up at DWTS for some answers:

Squawked a superinside executive-type source: "Of course—there's always the possibility of a same-sex couple."

What's the matter then, just haven't found the right twosome to kick things off as the first same-sex pair? Answer was affirmative.

So we hereby strongly suggest for next season's couples Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres, née Portia De Rossi, coupled with that darling Mormon chick Julianne Hough. How perfect would that be? Or how about cute Neil Patrick Harris and butcho he-man Maksim?

The way likeable, out 'n' proud Harris wouldn't mind getting down with a big daddy on the dance floor, we're sure, plus, we know NPH can actually dance with all those Broadway roles on his résumé.

Or is Neil way too A-list for this showcase of sorta-beens and out-of-work actors? How does DWTS even pick their kooky competitors, anyway?

We're thinking someone on the same level as say, Angelina Jolie, or even a Lost hottie, wouldn't be caught dead tangoing on the boob-tube hit, though we sure could be wrong.

We further grilled our DWTS higher up.

Why's it always zany sorta-celebs who flock to the show?
This show is so fun to do that I think big personalities are inherently drawn to it.

So, do you seek them out, or are Steve-O and Denise Richards running to you for an extra minute of fame?
There's no exact science to casting, of course—there's always a mix of people who have expressed interest who are selected, and people that have not sought us yet but casting pursues them.

Yo, pursue a little bit harder, wouldya? We wanna see Hugh Jackman shimmy again (with a dude!). And we can't hold out till he's inevitably asked to host the Oscars for a second time. 

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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