Kate Winslet

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

"Do I really have to?" Best Actress nabber Kate Winslet begged me backstage, immediately after getting her big win for The Reader.

I'd just asked the gutsy Brit chick famous for disrobing on camera—and who recently said she was retiring from doing nude scenes, for the forseeable future—which male actor she'd like to pass the naked torch to.

"Leo, Brad Pitt?" I suggested.

"I'm going to go in a different direction and say it should be a woman," Winslet, glittering in gray Yves St. Laurent, insisted. "May I?"

"Absolutely," I yelled to the game babe who also declared she "hates" fashion questions (love that). Only problem is it took Winslet several minutes to come up with which Hollywood A-List performer she'd most like to start seeing in her B-day suit.

She was having difficulty, putting her slim hands to that famous brow of hers.

"Angelina Jolie?" I wondered. Winslet shot me a look that was probably more akin to what Jen Aniston had been thinking earlier when she gave that killer fakey smile to Jolie onstage. "No," K.W. pressed, "but hang on."

And then it came to her: "Susan Sarandon!"

Hmmm. Makes sense, I suppose. What, you were expecting—Kristen Stewart?

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