Married at First Sight Australia, Ines, Bronson


Ines wasn't afraid to speak her mind on her wedding day.

The 28-year-old legal assistant (who you may remember from her original "horny" MAFS promo clip) stole the show on Married at First Sight Australia Monday night when she wed stripper-turned-entrepreneur Bronson, 34—and fired off a continuous stream of meme-worthy quotes.

After providing savage commentary on everything from Bronson's eyebrow ring to stripper past, the Brisbane-based bride explained she felt remorse after learning at their Byron Bay reception that Bronson had lost his mum and two brothers in separate tragic accidents.  

"I hate myself right now because I have been a bit hard and mean to Bronson," Ines said through tears. "When I found out Bronson has lost three of his family members all in a short period of time, it makes me feel sad."

Here are all of Ines' profound Married at First Sight zingers so far:

1. "The way I see it, Tinder is like going through your rubbish bin."

2. "It could be love at first sight and then, boom, we're having kids on our honeymoon."

3. "When my husband sees me, I just want him to think I'm a little snack, like a cupcake."

4. "When I look at him, I want to be like, yeah, I would pounce on you."

5. "I hope he looks at me and thinks, wow, I would totally root her."

Married at First Sight Australia, Ines, Bronson


6. "I'm feeling, like, horny."

7. "Can we get rid of your eyebrow ring, please?"

8. "Eyebrow rings are so Britney Spears-having-a-mental-breakdown 2000."

9. "I don't know anyone with an eyebrow ring, except for lesbians who work at McDonalds' drive-thru."

10. "The eyebrow ring is so disgusting. They're so ‘90s boy bands. They're done."

Married at First Sight Australia, Ines, Bronson


11. "When he smiled, I just wanted to punch him in the jaw. I don't know why. It was just, like, my instinct."

12. "In his vows he said he had country boy charm. Like, it just doesn't turn me on."

13. "I'm getting a very inbred vibe."

14. "Brendan..."

15. "The fact that he was a stripper, that is purely disgusting to me. An ex-stripper is not supporting my future babies. I will never have a family with him."

Married at First Sight Australia, Ines, Bronson


16. "I've been in some awful situations in my life and I've never taken my clothes off for money."

17. "That's like me saying yesterday I was a heroin addict and today I'm not."

18. "I'll take three shots."

19. "I just want to know if you're capable of, like, providing for my unborn children."

20. "Yeah, I'm dying to be a mum. If I can get triplets all in one go with a C-section and some drugs, I'll do it."

21. "So, you will definitely be sleeping on the couch. Cool."

Married at First Sight Australia airs Sunday at 7pm and Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on Nine.

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