Married at First Sight’s Elizabeth Slams “Dud” Sam Over Outrageous Weight Comments

MAFS bride Elizabeth told E! News why she and Sam aren't a perfect match.

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Marrying a complete stranger is not all it's cracked up to be if you ask Married at First Sight Australia's Elizabeth.

As the store manager told E! News, even though her husband Sam was "physically appealing", his words were a complete turnoff.

"She's obviously not as slim as the girls I've dated in the past," Sam shared with his mates after their wedding in episode 5. "She's a bit bigger. Hopefully she's into running a lot. You know what I'm like."

Sydneysider Elizabeth called out the 26-year-old tradie for having double standards.  

"He's someone who's gone on the show saying he doesn't want anyone to judge him for his appearance, and his first comments made about me are that I'm a large girl," she told E! News. "I'm 5-foot-10 as well. I am not going to be petite and little. But I'm very comfortable in my own skin and I love my figure."

The 27-year-old continued: "I wasn't aware that I was plus-sized, either. The female form is beautiful no matter what size, colour or ethnicity, and bodies should be celebrated and not conform to what a man thinks is ideal."

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Elizabeth said she realised she had been matched with the wrong man the day after their wedding.

"It was a whirlwind," she recounted. "You have someone who was being lovely to my face on the wedding day—contrary to what he said behind my back—and then the next day it's like, woah, that's not cool."

On the flipside, her ideal partner would be "quirky" or "alternate". 

"I like people who don't put others in a box and aren't very judgy," Elizabeth explained. "I like musicians. Like, a rocker type. A Russell Brand type."

Elizabeth was also hoping for a partner who signed up for MAFS for the "right reasons".

"I wanted someone who was honest. I wanted someone who was upfront and genuinely there for good reasons with no ulterior motives," she says. "[Sam] was a dud."

Asked what her husband's ulterior motives were, Elizabeth replied without pause: "Fame."

But she insisted she had nothing but good intentions for joining the reality series herself.

"I'm very much someone who loves the ride of life, wherever it takes me," she said. "I'm someone who wants to enjoy every single moment and really cherish it. Because you don't know what will happen tomorrow."

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