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After falling head over heels for each other at their Married at First Sight Australia wedding, everything came crashing down for Heidi and Mike on their Whitsundays yacht honeymoon in episode 4.

Brief refresher: 44-year-old electrician Mike snapped, "I'm not your therapist," after Heidi opened up to him about her traumatising teen years spent fending for herself and in foster care.

"I had to go to foster care at first, but there was no room. I just felt like there was no room for me ever in the world," the 38-year-old radio announcer told him. "I got government housing and had to go live by myself."

But after a few minutes of listening, Mike interrupted with a "How hot is it today?" quip, followed by, "I'm sorry that I cut you off but at the start of your conversation you were coming to a point but you just never quite got there...It just looks like you're ranting at me."


The episode ended with a crushed Heidi refusing to join Mike at dinner and their future looking extremely uncertain. This week, the pair jointly spoke to E! News about the incident and what happened to their relationship next.

Heidi, how hard was it for you to share about your life and then to hear that response?

Heidi: I was opening up because I wanted him to know why I've been so independent and why it's hard for me to stay in a long relationship. When he reacted like that, I was shocked and taken aback, and I was upset. It really hurt my feelings. I rarely talk about that time in my life, and it's really, really hard for me to talk about. I wanted him to know everything about me, and it felt like a smack back in my face a bit.

Mike, how do you explain your reaction?

Mike: Honestly, it's hard to give a good answer to this. I have to own what happened. I know that I was seasick, dehydrated and it was hot as hell. I feel as though it was all a bit much, a bit soon and maybe I wasn't ready to hear all that stuff. But that's no excuse to have reacted as I did. I believe I did sort of give an apology in the moment that wasn't accepted, and I kind of went on a bit of a rant that was completely unforgivable. I have to take full responsible for that.

But then when Heidi refused to come to dinner that night, you still didn't seem to understand why she was upset.

Mike: I was hoping it might have blown over more quickly than what it did. I didn't realise at that point how badly it had affected her and how much it had hurt her. I was a bit naïve to it until I went to apologise to her and I realised she was really affected and pretty furious. I learned a really valuable lesson.

Married At First Sight, Heidi, Mike, MAFS


Heidi, did you consider walking away from the experiment then and there?

Heidi: Oh, when it happened, I just thought, how are we ever going to recover? I just thought, how am I ever going to feel safe around him again?

[To Mike] Don't look at me like that. I'm being honest. It was really hardcore. It was crazy. I'm just being honest. I really had to think about it. Don't look at me like that!

Mike: She was always safe.

Heidi: No, safe—not as in physically, as in emotionally safe—because I was baring my soul, and when someone shuts you down like that you don't feel safe. You feel like you can't tell them stuff.

Mike: That's true. I agree. [sighs] It sucks to hear it back like this.

How can your relationship recover from that?

Mike: You apologise. You try and regain trust and affection. You just do whatever it takes to reassure your partner that you've made a big mistake and you show as much contrition as you possibly can.

After that fight, did either of you consider partner swapping when you returned from the honeymoon?

Mike: No.

Heidi: No way for me. I had my eyes on my husband and that was it. Because we had put so much time and effort into figuring out what we want and doing the scientific testing, for someone then to go, Oh I'll have what she's having—that's so disrespectful.

Mike: I was so attracted to Heidi in every way that I was just focused on trying to make up for that terrible mistake on the beach that I never had eyes for another woman in the experiment. I'm a one woman man.

 Married At First Sight Australia continues Sunday night at 7:30pm on Nine.

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