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Other than the nominees, who else gets invited to attent the Oscars?
—The Wackness, via Twitter

Hot people, that's who. Remember Heidi Klum, who attended last year's Oscars as some Coca-Cola ambassador for heart awareness, wearing that diablo red, high-collared, floor length, fire-breathing dragon of a gown? Yeah. Not a voting member of the Academy. But hot.

Fellow guest Miley Cyrus was not an ambassador of any kind, but at least she had the excuse of being a presenter. This year, Zefron and Robert Pattinson are both going as well; both are presenting, and Zefron is also singing. Both, also, are hot.

The truth is, very few people who aren't Academy members get to set foot inside the forbidden city known as the Kodak on Oscar night. But you may be surprised to learn...

...that not even every member is automatically ushered within. It's all about math, see. I know math is lame. I'll try to make this seem as sexy as possible.

The extremely foxy Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science has about 6,000 members. But the Kodak Theatre—the sexy, SEXY Kodak Theater—has only 3,300 seats. You see the problem. So the Academy holds a lottery every year to determine which members can attend. Nominees are an obvious yes, but the rest? Not so much.

According to Oscar sources I interrogated last year, Gary Buseyhe who dared to harass The Seacrest at last year's Oscars—is an Academy member. He got his Oscar ticket by winning the Academy lotto that year.

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