Not everyone is on Married At First Sight Australia for the right reasons, or so says bride Melissa.

Several of the participants on season 6 of MAFS have dabbled in acting, modelling and even appeared on other reality shows (as tends to happen on series like this and The Bachelor Australia). But Melissa says just because she comes from a media background, it doesn't mean she's in it for the spotlight.

"I'm genuinely here to find love," the 38-year-old talent agent—who previously did the weather at Nine and hosted Postcards—told E! News. "I haven't stayed single and not had sex for eight years just to come on this show for my 15 minutes of fame. This is legit. I'm at that age where I want to have kids and I want to start a family, so this is real for me. You can literally tell who is there for love and who is not there for love. It's pretty obvious."

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When pressed if the "not love" camp includes her TV husband Dino, who previously appeared on First Dates, Melissa hinted his intentions do become an issue for the couple as the season progresses.

"That's something we go through. I question that," she said. "I've just got to hope so."

Melissa and the 34-year-old meditation coach's wedding day came with more than a few disasters, including Mel oversleeping and nearly forgetting to pack her wedding dress.

"It was really stressful. I am high energy, but I'm not normally like that, and I hadn't been sleeping in the week leading up to the wedding," she told E! News. "It wasn't just one thing, it was a hundred things that kept going wrong. I can't believe I put the wedding dress in my suitcase, now that I think about it. Who does that?"

And once she arrived at the Hawkesbury River venue, she wasn't thrilled with her groom's choice to forgo waiting for her at the altar and instead ride in on a horse.

"It was definitely not the wedding I envisioned. Everything was wrong. When I got there I was actually thinking, Oh my gosh, is this a sign? And then next minute, bloody trot trot on the horse," she said. "No bride dreams of walking down the aisle and no one being there. Dino's explained that he had a dream about being on a white horse, so…it was Dino's day. Every little Dino should have his day."

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