Ed Doud, Oprah

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From whence sprang Octomom...

The father of octuplet-spawner Nadya Suleman questioned his own daughter's sanity and agreed that she needs major help—financially, at least—during a recent sit-down with Oprah Winfrey.

"That's a very good question," responded Ed Doud, Suleman's dad and a grandfather of 14, when the queen of daytime asked whether his daughter is mentally stable.

"Now I'm no psychiatrist, but I question her mental situation," he said, adding that both his daughter and her fertility doctor were "absolutely irresponsible" to allow her to become that pregnant.

Suleman, 33, who already had six children (three of whom have special needs), gave birth to octuplets Jan. 26 in Bellflower, Calif., after undergoing in vitro fertilization.

Doud told Winfrey he hopes to stay healthy and for his daughter to finish school and start working. "And we all could support this family," he said.

When questioned about the website Suleman set up to solicit donations from the public, Doud agreed that she needs monetary assistance.

"I say to everybody now: People, we do need help. Do not punish my daughter for what she had done and and do not punish the babies, because they were given by God."

Suleman, who has expressed a boatload of confidence in her ability to raise her children despite her current lack of employment and a home that's in preforeclosure, is reportedly receiving $490 a month in food stamps, while three of her older children receive federal supplement security income.

In the interview scheduled to air Feb. 24 on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Doud also discusses what it was like to learn Suleman was expecting at least seven babies and how his family is handling the financial strain and intense public scrutiny that has become the norm for them since the controversial birth.

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