Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner

Pedro Andrade,

Oh, completely forgot to tell you all, can't imagine why: Bennifer II's still finagling the happy charade—and rather beautifully, too.

'Course, Ben Affleck helped host the Children Mending Hearts benefit to support women and children suffering as a result of the fighting over in war-torn Congo this week. Really heavy and gruesome stuff over there—we're glad Ben's taking his new philanthropy gig so seriously, even if it did mean leaving his 9-month-preggers wife to travel there.

But Jen Garner must not be bitter about any of that 'cause she skipped the carpet Wednesday evening and came in through the back to support her beau. So was it a hot 'n' heavy night out for the two lovebirds?

Depends. If you think Jennifer skipping out halfway through and leaving Ben to close down the House of Blues with a table of girls equals a steamy night, then yeah, it was!

Oh relax, you nasty commenters. We're told by the event publicist that J's departure around 9 was so that she could be the one to "tuck the kids into bed." Ben stuck around a table of older women who seemed to be more like his handlers than any hot piece of ass. Still, Matt's best bud didn't seem to be in any hurry to get home because he was one of the last ones to leave the HOB way after the event ended.

While the "lovebirds" were together last night, we're told they were putting on quite the PDA show. "Ben kept massaging her back and holding her hand throughout the speeches," blabs a charitygoer. "But it almost seemed forced. As much as Jen smiled and acted like she was glad to meet Ben's traveling companions, she only really looked happy when Ben's Sexiest Man Alive spread was joked about at the live auction."

Look, last thing we're doing is rooting for a couple to get divorced, especially if they've just welcomed a second tot. We just think they should both do what's healthy and happy for everyone involved, and if my Garner-Affleck peeps are right, that's so not the case of what's going on in this seemingly quasi-happy couple.

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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