Married at First Sight Australia Just Revealed This Bizarre New Twist

And the couples “can’t see what’s coming”.

By Winsome Walker Jan 21, 2019 6:17 AMTags
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It looks like season six of Married at First Sight is taking serious cues from Netflix's Bird Box.

A fiery new trailer for the Nine reality series shows the cast of 20 strangers at their first official dinner party—and, just like Sandra Bullock in Bird Box, they're all wearing blindfolds.  

As a voice over teases, the participants "can't see what's coming". We're assuming the MAFS blindfolds are intended to put the couple's relationships to the test, and not to thwart mysterious monsters.

In addition to this twist, the clip promises the group dinner will deliver drama like we've never seen before.

"The dinner party will either strengthen our couple's relationships, or it could dial up the problems," relationship expert John Aiken explains, follows by a montage of what we can only assume are serious problems.

"Oh my God, you are ridiculous," store manager Elizabeth (even if you don't know her name yet, you definitely know her GIF-able facial expressions) tells electrician Mike.

Meanwhile, administration officer Jessika throws a tantrum of her own, dropping her napkin and exclaiming, "I'm f--cking upset" and "that's so fake".

The 26-year-old then storms off, yelling, "Why don't you pour yourself another f--king beer." Savage.

Married at First Sight Australia 2019: Is This the 'Horniest' Cast Yet?

Last week, Nine introduced us to all of the singles taking part in the social experiment, and their bios are truly the stuff reality TV dreams are made of.

The brave cast includes 29-year-old virgin Matthew, former stripper and circus performer Bronson (who now owns a party boat) and 28-year-old legal assistant Ines, who confessed she was feeling "horny" when asked about marrying a complete stranger.

You can catch all the action when Married at First Sight returns to Nine on January 28 at 7.30pm.

The Married at First Sight Australia 2019 Cast Includes a Meditation Guru and Yet Another Former Stripper