Lost, Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly


You Can Go Home Again! Wednesday's Lost (11.3 million viewers, Nielsen estimates showed) was up 1.5 million viewers from last week. For one thing, the show didn't have to go up against American Idol. For another, the Oceanic Six just had to get back to the island.

Then Again, Sometimes You Can't Go Home: This season's American Idol is just not going to be last season's American Idol, which itself wasn't 2007's American Idol. Last night's results show (24.4 million) was down 5.1 milion viewers from last year's same episode.

Oh, By the Way…: The downsized Idol was nearly 10 million viewers bigger than the night's second-most watched show, Criminal Minds (15 million).

Etc.: At 8 p.m., an all-new Knight Rider (5.5 million) got beat by a Lost rerun (5.6 million); at 9 p.m., Lie to Me (11.2 million) used and/or squandered its Idol lead-in to score a second-place finish in the 18-49 demo, and a third-place finish in total viewers; at 10 p.m., Life on Mars (5.8 million) showed some life.

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