Jennifer Garner, Marie Kondo

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Jennifer Garner is clearly following the "new year, new me" motto because she's already doing a bit of spring cleaning.

It appears the A-list star is on the pulse of the culture because, like many of us, Garner has apparently watched Netflix's hit reality show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.

Following Marie Kondo's method, KonMari, Jen is ready to get rid of the the things that "don't spark joy."

How are we so sure? The 46-year-old actress took to Instagram to hilariously share her junk drawer. In her 23-second video clip, she unsurprisingly called on the organization guru to "Marie Kondo" her home.

"@mariekondo—I'm all about it," she wrote. Adding the following hashtags, "#doubloonssparkjoy, #junkdrawer, and #canyoucomeover."

Fans on Instagram immediately felt seen, as Garner was scouring through her drawer filled with random things. "Is this a rain bonnet," the actress laughed in the short clip. "Silken Mist, why?! Why do I have it? I don't know."

From several belts, to a lip balm (which she applies), to a lint roller, to a cluster of cords, the Peppermint actress' drawer was filled to the brim.

If anything, this was the content her followers have been waiting for. One fan commented, "The famous junk drawer! I need to go through mine and see if anything gives me joy." With another writing, "You crack me up!! lol I have several "junk" drawers like that! And I'm not even a pack rat!!"

Take a cue from Jen's book and watch Tidying Up before you start cleaning out your own junk drawer.

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