Tiger Woods Family

Dom Furore/Woods Family via Getty Images

• Tiger Woods knows just how to reveal his new baby—soft lighting, portrait backdrop, cute dogs. No cheesy, brightly covered tabloid cover here.

• Kanye West has created a robot lady version of himself that will never question his greatness.

• Roseanne Barr has become the leading self-appointed expert on the Chris Brown-Rihanna situation.

• Stephen Colbert challenged Conan O'Brien to an epic invisible-string dance-off.

• Jennifer Love Hewitt gave everyone a juicy blind item to gossip about when she told Jay Leno about a sleazy actor dude she went out with once.

• Britney twittered that her tour is going to be awesome, and now we have to tell you about it, because that's how things work now.

Katy Perry gives our Big Pic gallery a glimpse of her Brit Awards outfit, study it as we will discuss tomorrow in Fashion Police.

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