Nicollette Sheridan

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Like the very smart moving-forward type she is, Nicollette Sheridan was "rather professional" when she said goodbye to some of her fellow Desperate Housewives players last week. "It was great working with you," Ms. S. said to several fellow DH types, all cheery, big smiles.

"She was way nice," piped an on-set source regarding Sheridan's exit from the hit show, a sad note we broke last week. But did that stop the talk about Ms. Sheridan?


"[Nicolette] was late to shoots; it was always about changing the lighting," sniffed one key member of the ABC set. "So I think she got the message; she was put in her place, actually."

Jeez, bitchy much, you people over on Wisteria Lane? Speaking of playing the be-yotch card, comic Mindy Sterling, of My Own Worst Enemy fame, has been hired to "essentially be the new bitch in town," now that Sheridan's cranky, conniving Edie's been axed. Mindy, by the way, is several years Nicollette's senior.

I just don't get this show.

I mean, I love it, but has genius Marc Cherry been watching too many of his old-pro baby, The Golden Girls? Because if they hire one more friggin' older broad, they just might as well go ahead and hire Lindsay Lohan and change the title to Decrepit Housewives.

Where are the backstabbing young things already? Can't Reese Witherspoon get a cameo? I mean, I know they're not hiring guest stars right now, but baby, they just don't get any more conniving than that.

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