The Married at First Sight Australia 2019 Cast Includes a Meditation Guru and Yet Another Former Stripper

Meet the cast of Nine's drama-packed reality dating series.

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Married At First Sight Australia 2019

The complete Married at First Sight Australia lineup is finally here! 

We've already been introduced to 26-year-old tradie Sam, who worries he's too good looking to find love, plus legal secretary Ines, who confesses she's "horny" about getting married (this explains everything).

Now, Nine has revealed the identities of all 20 strangers joining the daring social experiment for season 6—and the cast does disappoint.

The brave participants include Bronson, a stripper-turned-circus performer-turned-entrepreneur (he now owns a party boat business, of course) and a "chronically single" videographer named Matthew who's still a virgin but is prepared to take a wild step out of his comfort zone. 

Get to know all of the singles below ahead of the Married at First Sight premiere on January 28.

Married at First Sight Australia 2019: Is This the 'Horniest' Cast Yet?
Lauren, 31, Makeup Artist, NSW

Down to earth and unassuming, Lauren has suffered her fair share of heartache over the years. The longest of her three serious relationships lasted 12 months, and the love she so desperately wants to give has never been reciprocated. Growing up in the country, Lauren admired the gentlemanly manners of the bush, and hopes to find the Prince Charming who will open the car door and treat her like a lady 24/7. 

Jessika, 26, Administration Officer, WA

Sultry and vivacious, Jessika is a part-time model and a "part-time party animal". Always the life of the party, she makes herself known and wants a man who won't hide in the shadow of her outgoing personality. No stranger to commitment, Jessika's previous long-term relationship lasted five years, but ended when it became apparent that her hopes of marriage and children were not mutual. Having come from a broken home – her parents split when she was one year old – Jessika places great importance on family and is eager to find a husband who will love and honour her so they can create a clan of their own.

Ning, 32, Hairdresser, QLD

Sassy and quick-witted, Ning is a single mum with a dry sense of humour and a passion for cooking. Although she has three children of her own, aged 15, seven and three, Ning is not close to her own family. Having settled for comfort rather than love in the past, Ning is now determined that her issues of trust will not stop her from finding a true connection with her perfect match and being swept off her feet.

Elizabeth, 27, Store Manager, NSW

Elizabeth walks into a room and commands attention. Believing that people (male and female) become infatuated with her and are often intimidated, Elizabeth has made and lost many a friend, but names her parents as her best friends and biggest supporters. Headstrong and outspoken, The 27-year-old has had six short-term relationships but never been in a long-term union—in fact she has often discovered that her partner is married or in a relationship with someone else.

Martha, 30, Makeup Artist, NSW

Thirty-year-old Martha is ready to give in to her large Greek family's demands to settle down. She finally moved out of her parents' "Versace Palace" home in Melbourne to Bondi a year ago, but still lives by her mother's beauty tips, including "the higher the ponytail, the higher the class". As a makeup artist, appearances are everything to Martha: she needs a man who is willing to surrender to her nightly skin regimen and weekly face masks and match her fashion game daily.

Melissa, 38, Talent Agent, NSW

Born and raised in Perth, and very close to her mother and sister, Melissa's traditional Italian father can't understand why his daughter isn't married with kids. Melissa is "allergic" to getting old and deeply insecure about her looks, doing everything she can to look as young and as good as possible. She says, "I know I'm not the kind of girl who stops traffic unless I throw myself in front of it." She was deeply hurt by her previous partner and vowed not to have sex again until she found "the one". That was eight years ago, so it has been a long time between drinks and there is a lot riding on this new union.

Cyrell, 29, Health Fund Consultant, NSW

As the youngest in a family of seven big-personality Filipinos, Cyrell is no stranger to heated discussions and high drama. The pressure will be on Cyrell's groom from the moment they meet: her new husband must receive the tick of approval from a family with strong Catholic beliefs–when someone marries Cyrell, he marries her family. Feisty and opinionated like all her siblings, this self-described "fire cracker" may be tough on the outside but swears she's a softie on the inside. She has been hurt before by cheating partners and knows the pain of a broken engagement.

Heidi, 38, Radio Announcer, QLD

Extroverted and bubbly, Heidi is jumping out of her skin with excitement to meet the man of her dreams. At 38, the radio announcer has had her fair share of relationships, but they have never managed to go the distance. Self-aware and accountable, Heidi says that she realises she is the common factor, so she is prepared to do whatever it takes to make this next relationship her happy ever after.

Jules, 36, Business Manager, NSW

At 36, Jules can hear the sound of her biological clock ticking, and it's getting louder. Desperate to meet the man of her dreams and start a family, she is completely invested in the Married at First Sight experiment and putting all her faith in the science to deliver her Mr Right. A businesswoman who has always put her career first, Jules has enjoyed plenty of success in the beauty industry, in the UK and now Sydney.

Ines, 28, Legal Assistant, QLD

28-year-old Ines experienced a difficult and emotional childhood after she and her family fled Bosnia during the war in the 1990s. Having settled in her current hometown of Brisbane, she still regrets that her parents' divorce had such a strong effect on her as she grew up. With the desire for at least three children, Ines needs a man who has the means to provide a comfortable life for her and their family as she doesn't want her kids to have the childhood she did.

Nic, 28, Electrician, NSW

Honest and emotionally intelligent, Nic was raised by his mother and grandmother after his father left when he was just one year old. As a result, he is attracted to strong females who have the fire and passion reminiscent of his Serbian heritage. Nic was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 24 and underwent chemotherapy and surgery to beat it. Although the experience has taught him to live life to the fullest, he feels vulnerable and insecure about sharing this with a partner, as for him, fertility won't come without complications. 

Cameron, 34, Ex-Pro Cricketer, NSW

Sensitive and emotionally connected, Cameron says he chose cricket over the love of his life–when given the option of staying in a serious relationship in Canada or continuing his cricket career, sport won. As an only child, Cameron considers himself a bit of a mummy's boy, though he shares his passion for cricket with his father, who was also prominent in the sport. But even as a young boy, Cam dreamed of having the perfect family behind the white picket fence and he's hoping his ideal bride will happily complete this picture.

Sam, 26, Tradie, NSW

Often misunderstood for a player on the dating scene, Sam is just looking for a kind and confident woman who sees beyond his good looks. Although he's a softie with a heart of gold, women are often intimidated by this part-time model and judge him at first glance, which has impacted on his dating life. This loveable tradie is ready to take the next step, commit and settle down.

Dino, 34, Meditation, WA

If Zen could be his middle name, Dino would make it so. This meditation coach and Perth-based FIFO mine controller has been in seven serious relationships, but the one that made the biggest impact was the one that ended in a broken engagement. The rough patch following the break-up brought Dino to discover meditation as a way to see the positives in life, and he now teaches the practice in the mines and beyond. He's also a part-time model who has won a number of modelling competitions and was voted Mr Australasia 2016. 

Mick, 31, Plasterer/Farmer, QLD

This slang-talking, true-blue Aussie farmer is looking for a bride who loves his banter as much as his animals. A hobby farm owner, Mick works as a plasterer by day and retreats to the calm of his farm by night. His ideal missus would look like Jennifer Hawkins and love the outdoors.

Mike, 43, Electrician, QLD

Self-assured but complex, Mike believes the reason he is still single is that he's too deep thinking and sensitive–and that women say they want that, but in fact they don't. So, his kindred spirit will be a confident and non-judgmental woman who appreciates his sensitive side and embraces his vulnerabilities, rather than running from them as others have in the past. The philosophical electrician has spent years travelling the world living his best life and speaks Spanish and Swedish fluently – with some Indonesian, Greek, Chinese and Indian on the side – but is yet to fill the hole left by a bitter breakup over ten years ago.

Michael, 27,Primary School Teacher, VIC

Kind and family-oriented, Michael comes from a large Italian family who want to see their beloved son, brother and nephew happily married and starting a family of his own. As a primary school PE teacher, health and fitness is paramount to him, and he is looking for a partner who will hit the gym and eat the same nutritionally balanced meals. 

Bronson, 34, Entrepreneur, WA

Bronson is a stripper-turned-circus-performer-turned- entrepreneur who owns a party boat business and is enjoying the spoils his hard work has allowed him. A lover of romance, Bronson enjoys treating his partners to lavish gifts, including a $12,000 diamond ring for one and business class round-the-world tickets for another ex. Having grown up in a small country town with a population of just 35, tragedy struck not once but three times when he lost his two brothers and mother in three separate accidents. Bronson's ideal partner needs to be into fitness and fun, and love to laugh about life.

Matthew, 29, Videographer, QLD

Describing himself as "chronically single", 29-year-old Matthew is still a virgin: he's never been physical with a woman, let alone fallen in love. He grew up on a farm in a very private family who kept to themselves, was badly bullied as a teenager and has struggled with self-confidence ever since. Keen to build his self-esteem, he has focused on self-development, part of which is facing his fears. This is why he has decided to step out of his comfort zone by marrying a complete stranger. He's also learning to sing and may find the courage to serenade his bride on their wedding day.

Mark, 41, Ex-Army, VIC

At 41, Mark is yet to say the "L" word to a woman. He has been in relationships, a handful that total around four years in duration, but none have evolved past convenience or friendship. Having spent many years in the armed forces, including a deployment in Timor, Mark is accustomed to moving around and blames his transient life for not having settled down yet.

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