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The wheel in the sky keeps on turning, and Heroes keeps spinning stories of shady organizations, morally gray superheroes and exploding cities. Who and what is in play this season? We got a closer look in tonight's episode. Read on for the rundown, and  some dish about who's actually good, who's gone bad and which American metropolis is in major danger...


Daddy's in the Doghouse: Aw, Bennet. Finally busted. Claire outed Noah to Sandra Bennet, revealing that the man of the house is back to square one (or is that season one?). The reveal that H.R.G. is still kidnapping people with abilities on behalf of mysterious people with morally questionable agendas was a nice chance for the show to acknowledge the past. Or is it just repetitive and uninspired? What's your call? Post your take in the comments.

Clairebear's New Buddy! H.R.G. will always be the main man in Claire's life, but I must admit I'm rooting for her to take an interest in her new buddy Alex (Justin Baldoni), who can only be known from here on out as Aquaman. The writers definitely deserve credit for turning one of the lamer powers in the superhero pantheon—the ability to swim like a fish—into a clearcut counterexample to the Hunter's way of seeing things. There just ain't nothing evil about breathing underwater.

Meanwhile, Over at Fortress Facism: Oh dear. Nathan Petrelli may be a U.S. Senator, but he finds himself with two new bosses: Moira Kelly as a government minder (perhaps reprising her role from season one of The West Wing?) and the Hunter (Zeljko Ivanek), who seems to have a much better grasp of Machiavellian means and methods than does Petrelli. You gotta give the Hunter credit for releasing Tracy from the hot box. That's some crafty, albeit evil, thinking.

Excursion to India: What do you guys think of Hiro and Ando's sidetrip to Bollywood? Don't get me wrong, I love a good Indian wedding (even one that turns out to be a dud), but it seemed like a loooong detour to get to the conclusion that Hiro can be a hero without his powers. For that matter, it seemed like a long way to go to get a fax from the masked man known only to the Heroes as Rebel...

Two Great Tastes: With the exception of that unfortunate trip through Mexico with Maya, Sylar's roadtrips continue to be among the series' strongest elements. For that matter, the character of Sylar in general continues to transcend the subject matter in a remarkably reliable way. Loving Sylar paired with nebbish, adorkable villain-with-training-wheels Luke (Dan Byrd) and for that matter, love that Sylar's soul has not been utterly squashed out of his persona after the Elle incident. He's still got a glimmer of a conscience in there somewhere—Luke was right, Sylar did rescue him from the goon squad—and Quinto does a remarkable job of keeping the embers of Sylar's humanity smouldering somewhere inside him.


  • Who needs interrogation techniques when you have Matt Parkman? Next week Matt works his magic to pull secrets out of H.R.G.'s head...
  • The truth about Daphne's "death" will be revealed to our Heroes next week.
  • First New York City almost blew up, and then Costa Verde was meant to blow up in the future, and now...another city is slated to go kablooey. (OK, it's Washington D.C.) We'll learn more about why and how Washington is in danger next week, and you'll be shocked by which Hero is implicated in the disaster.

So, what did you guys think of this week's outing? The comments are yours...

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