Is Lance and Reichen’s lovefest really kaput? Get the dish on the duo’s dynamics when the cameras are off. And what’s with Joel Madden and Adam Brody’s post-breakup bad behavior? Tsk-tsk, you tacky two! At least the Golden Globes noms make us happy...for the most part.
Reichen Lehmkhul, Lance Bass

Marco Garcia/Getty

For those of you still concerned with last week's colossal, breaking story of Lance 'n' Reichen together, again, in Hawaii (at the Reef Check fundraiser), I asked Desk Balmy, which was swinging hulas rightnext to the on/off press sluts, for an opinion as to the legitimacy of the round-two romancers. Deep breaths, everybody:

"I checked with my husband on this one," relays D.B. "We both agree that Lance and Reichen seemed like a [real] couple. They were bantering back and forth and seemed genuinely happy with each other." Gosh-friggin'-gasp, say it isn't so! (Oh, and for you bitchy malcontents out there who claim I don't write this column anymore: Yes, I do, and, yes, I just penned that last sentence. I have an infinitely more juvenile vocab than my sophisticated associate and intern.)

"We did sort of follow the guys," admitted my tropical spies, who added that while no tonguing took place, the headline-grabbin' boyfriends did, indeed, appear to be "together," even when they weren't in front of any cameras or (so they thought) journalistic representatives of any degree.

I give it till the Golden Globes, if that. Just in time...

Sacha Baron Cohen

20th Century Fox

The G.G. noms have been announced; aren't you all just so thrilled? Must say I'm personally pretty happy with the selections this year. The ridiculously talented Kate Winslet and her flick Little Children got a nod, along with the outrageously vain (and for this town, that's sayin' somethin') funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen for Borat.

Also trés thrilled the Hollywood Foreign Press didn't forget about our precious, pint-size Jeremy Piven, who's been surprisingly well behaved as of late (thus, sadly absent from this column), and Entourage for Best TV Comedy Series.

Emily Blunt

Nancy Kaszerman/

And how 'bout scene-stealing Emily Blunt, deliciously bitchy as Miranda's assistant in The Devil Wears Prada, getting not one but two nods—while Anne Hathaway got zero? (Meryl Streep also got a nomination for the flick, damn straight.)

Now, I know Em looked a bit scary and harsh in the movie, but I ran into her at the Breakthrough of the Year Awards last week, and she's absolutely lovely under all that eye makeup she had spackled on in Devil.

"My career happened at a comfortable rate," she told moi of her 9-to-5 gig before her big breakthrough. "I never set out to be famous—that's not why I got into this."

Got news for ya, Em: After these commendations, you're definitely gonna be.

Can ya believe Leo DiCaprio is up against himself for Best Actor in a Drama? The HFP obvs didn't agree with my icky feelings toward Blood Diamond, distracted and so intent on snubbing Ms. Hathaway they must have been...

Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce Knowles

Gregg DeGuire/,Ash Knotek/

Oh, and, uh, I was way surprised to see Beyoncé up for Best Actress in Dreamgirls, while Jennifer Hudson got the nod for Best Supporting. Thought it'd be the other way around, didn't you? What, did Paramount/DreamWorks pay off the nominating committee, so this on-camera Dream catfight can suddenly become an off-camera showdown? Just makes no sense.

Except for great press, 'course, which ain't ever a bad reason.

Is it just me, or do guys always get through breakups (not to mention sex) faster than their female babes? Seems like most times, the girl sits home in her sweats, drowning her sorrows in a pint of Ben & Jerry's, wondering—unless you're invincible Paris Hilton—what the eff went wrong, while the guy is out 'n' about with new chicks, like, a day after the split.

Joel Madden

Nancy Kaszerman/

Certainly seems to be the case for Joel Madden and Adam Brody. Joel and Hilary Duff ended their two-and-a-half-year relationship less than two weeks ago. And, days later, J.M.'s seen everywhere with Nicole Richie. First they were kissing and cuddling at Shag, then she was snapped leaving his Glendale apartment—not to mention the set of his new music video, "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl."

At least Nicole tries to be subtle and hide under jackets, blankets or whatever else she can find to throw over her head, but it ain't workin'. We all know they're hookin' up. But couldn't Joel have waited a little longer before getting all hot 'n' heavy with another Hollywood It gal? It almost seems rude to be in such a high-profile relationship so soon after his split—or are my prissy southern manners burning through in neon?

Also, Hil-doll's been keepin' a low profile lately...I bet she's crushed.

Adam Brody

Donato Sardella/

Maybe Hil and Rachel Bilson should start a support group, 'cause I'm hearin' Rach-babe's dealin' with a similar sitch. She and Adam Brody were together for three years before their recent breakup. And after rumors of the split hit, Adam's been seen out and about with none other than Ashlee Simpson.

First, the two were seen chillin' at the Volkswagen Concept Tiguan party. And just last weekend, they both attended Flaunt magazine's 8th Annual Party solo and were seen talkin' together in the corner. Coincidence? I think not.

Now, this isn't quite as bad as Joel and Nic's spitfest and sleepovers, but still...shouldn't these boys be nursing their broken hearts (or at least pretending) for a bit before they get with another high-profile girl?

Apparently not.

Mike Myers

Steve Granitz/

Mike Myers, bein' goofy, quelle surprise. Thursday night in New Yawk City. Lotus for Richie Rich's new weekly Birthday bash. Mikey was sporting a Russian fur cap he insisted on leaving on while he cut a rug and drank watermelon martinis. Bystanders were rather surprised that he was hanging out with...

Julia Stiles

Dimitrios Kambouris/

Julia Stiles, who'd arrived at the same spot earlier with some gal-pals. Julia was rockin' a three-quarter-length pink wool coat and tearin' up the dance floor with her friends. Jigglin' J. and Mike-babe shared a bottle of vodka along with...

Kirsten Dunst

Ash Knotek/

Kirsten Dunst, the last-to-arrive member of their motley crew. Who knew they were even friends? Workin' on a movie together, perhaps? Kirsten looked cuter, less goth-warmed-over than recent times, and their group partied until three ayem. In other splashy locales was...

David Denman

Jerome Ware/

David Denman, aka Roy from The Office, late for an important date (or so it seemed). Vynl on 9th Street, InWhySee, which has Cher and Dolly Parton themed bathrooms, by the by. The very tall D2 was rockin' a scarf, coat and some holiday scruff while he made a mad dash inside to meet his dinner party. Far less pressed for time in the same baddie city was...

Roger Bart

Lisa O'Connor/

Roger Bart, yappin' on his cell outside a laundromat. R.B., in dark jeans and sneaks, is wearing his hair on the longish side, which "makes him appear more youthful," according to a perambulating witness. Wonder if the Stepford Wives were washin' his skivvies inside? Almost stripped down to his undies was...

Carl Lewis

David Livingston/

Carl Lewis, athlete extraordinaire, catchin' some rays poolside. The Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in Hawaii. Carl, who was hangin' out with two male buds, acted like any other guest getting some R&R and even posed for pics with excited fans. "He still looks great," reports a pleased poolgoer. "He hasn't aged at all!" All that running does a bod good, right, babe?

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