Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica), Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill)

Justin Stephen/SCI FI, ABC/ART STREIBER, Kenneth Kitahara/The CW

Johanna in Tulsa, Oklahoma: I've heard episode 13 "could" serve as a series finale of Battlestar Galactica. (Lords of Kobol, forbid!) What about the last frakkin' seven episodes? Any news?
I double-checked to be sure, but don't worry, you are definitely getting your final seven. BSG scribe Jane Espenson even told me she turned in an outline for episode 14 the day before the strike started. The full 20-episode order for Battlestar Galactica will be written, produced and aired. Now can I get a "Frak yeah," motherfrakkers?!

Spider in Cleveland, Ohio: I just read NBC has ordered six more episodes of Lipstick Jungle. What does this mean for the chances of Kim Raver coming back for more 24?
It means, uh, definitely...maybe? As Kim told my pal Michael Yo over on our satellite radio show Yo on E!: "It's really tricky right now, because I'm fully on Lipstick Jungle, and we're in New York City. You know, Kiefer and I have talked, and we kind of always keep talking, because we have a great time working together. So, anytime we can kind of collaborate again, I'm sure it will happen. We just have to work out our schedules." Cross your fingers!

Tara from Orange, California: The finale of Project Runway is coming! Is there anything you can tease about the final runway?

Tim Gunn

Joe Kohen/WireImage.com

I just finished watching the runway show, and all I can say is "Dark!" The bright patterns Uli brought to Bryant Park last year are nowhere to be found with this year's finalists. Let's leave the outcome a surprise, but I can tell you one thing: There is no clear winner, so the final episode will be interesting to see! Like the show says, watch what happens! 

Jenn in Conyers, Georgia: I'm an idiot. I just started watching Dexter, and I'm hooked—it's so good! It's so good, in fact, that I looked up all of your columns on the show and read in the very first article who the Ice-Truck Killer was! My fault, 'cause I knew better. Anyway, so I don't continue to frak myself, without revealing plot, and in honor of season one premiering blood-free on CBS, can you tell us when to expect it back and when season two will be on DVD? Any news about the show, and not what's happening in the show, will be much appreciated. Muchas gracias!
First off, note to all you Dexter newbies: Do not spoil yourself for this show. The unforeseen twists are much, much, much too good!! Anyhoodles, just had a fantastic talk with Dexter boss Clyde Phillips, and he tells me the writers' room reopens tomorrow, production resumes in June and the show should be back on the air in October (which means the season-two discs should be out in August or September). Check back soon for more from Clyde on our favorite killer killer.

Casey from San Diego: I can't wait any longer! I need My Boys back ASAP! What can you tell me?
Well, we're hearing nine episodes are slated to come back this summer, but if you need a quick fix, look for My Boys' very own Reid Scott (Brendan Dorff) to rock it out—literally—on the second episode of Fox's new show Unhitched, which premieres Mar. 2.  

Leigh in Old Westbury, New York: What is Quarterlife?
Do you remember a little show called My So-Called Life? Well, those same amazing people, Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, decided to ignore the networks and create an original show designed for the Internet. NBC saw how brilliant it was and picked it up for broadcast on old-fashioned television. How’s that for cool?! The show follows a group of twentysomethings (these are also the guys that brought you Thirtysomething) as they struggle with careers, relationships, life. Think Friends, but more real. No laugh track, no picture-perfect vision of the world. You can catch up on the episodes before they air on NBC on the online quarterlife.com site. If not, tune in tomorrow to see the pilot on NBC.

Angelina in Washington, D.C.: Any new news or rumblings from the powers that be on the status of Blood Ties?
I'm told producers remain "cautiously optimistic" and are hoping to have news for all y'all by March—which would still allow for new episodes by fall '08. 

Erin in Paramus, New Jersey: Is that show New Amsterdam ever going to air?
New Amsterdam actually airs next week, on Mar. 4. I have seen the first two episodes—and let's just say, he might be 400 years old, but Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (who plays John Amsterdam) may need to become a Future (Second) Husband. (BTW, you might remember Nikolaj from the movie Wimbledon.) Although the premise is a tad far-fetched, Amsterdam is still a pretty enjoyable hour of television, and the second hour has a pretty shocking reveal about John's family. I recommend it!

Heidi in Cary, Illinois: When is Army Wives going to start again?
The Lifetime peeps tell me it premieres in June. Can't wait to see if the bar gets 'sploded and/or what happens with pregnant Joan!

Charlene in Columbus, Ohio: I'm really enjoying Breaking Bad, but I'm curious, does this mean Aaron Paul is off Big Love for good?
Actually, no! Korbi ran into him at the Independent Spirit Awards this weekend, and he said he plans to return to Big Love (playing Sarah's older boyfriend, Scott) for several episodes this season. Breaking Bad is his main priority, since he's a series regular on it, but he's such a fan of BL that he's trying to juggle his schedule in order to make both roles possible. He said there are some really good storylines in the works for Scott.
Harold Perrineau, Lost


Maritza in Chicago: I have come to regard your column as my go-to for anything Lost! It's nice to know I'm not the only Lost junkie out there...this show is sooo awesome! So, here is my question: Do we get an Oceanic Six reveal soon? I'm dying to know at least one more.
Yep...we'll know more about the Oceanic Six before the end of this first pod of eps. And speaking of that, I'm hearing we might not have to wait for episode eight after all. Even though episode seven is said to make a more logical endpoint for the pod, ABC wants Betty, Grey's and Lost to return all at once on Apr. 24, so they may be bumping episode eight back from Apr. 17 to its original airdate of Mar. 20. Good news for our greedy Lost-lovin' selves, yes? Meanwhile, for more Lostie goodness, check the Spoiler Section.

Entourage: Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven

Claudette Barius/HBO

Hailee from Tigard, Oregon: I cannot wait for the Entourage boys to be roaming the streets of Hollywood again. Any word on when the show is coming back?
Great news! According to Adrian Grenier, Entourage is back in production as we speak. But to tide you over until they return, Adrian is producing a television show for the Discovery Channel called The Green Life that's slated to premiere in June. Adrian says, "We're documenting basically the lifestyle we've been living for a long time, which happens to be green, but it's also quite fun, so watch out!" Want more Entourage dish? Keep checking the section for a big dish download, coming soon...

Airam in Atlanta: Surely you've heard of the Paley Fest '08 Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion, right?! Virtually everyone from the cast is going to be there (aside from, sadly, David Boreanaz and Tony Head)—even Sarah Michelle Gellar, and she never does these kinds of events! I mean, this is seriously historic! Please, oh please, tell me I will be able to experience it vicariously through you! You are going to be there, right?!
Um, are you kidding me?! You couldn't stop me with a sharp stick. Meanwhile, if you've got Q's for the Buffy peeps or any of this year's Paley Fest panelists, submit them to the panel moderators via email (askpaleyfest@paleycenter.org) by Mar. 10.

Pip in Orlando, Florida: If the strike is over, what does this mean for season two of Ugly Betty? Thanks!
They're back at work now, and the show is slated to return to ABC on Apr. 24! Betty's big cheese Silvio Horta tells us, "I'm thrilled to be back. As bad as the strike was in many ways, and as unfortunate as it was that we had to do it and people were out of work, I'm trying to look at the positives. Having had time off, having had the break and perspective and looking at the show and so much of what we did right and so much of what we can do better, has been a wonderful thing. Me and other writers feel so reinvigorated. We love this show, and we want to make it as good as possible. We're meeting at my house—I'm redoing the offices at work. We started meeting at my house to ease into it. I want the warmth of us together to extend into the show. That's what I'm focusing on." Yay! Can't wait for more Bettyliciousness.


Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Carrie in Columbus, Ohio: After that awful Kate-Sawyer fight in last week's Lost, I felt like I did when Ross and Rachel broke up for the first time in Friends. Angst is great, especially between Kate and Sawyer, but can you tell us if there's any chance they'll make up or at least share some scenes in upcoming episodes?
Sawyer and Kate are totally on a break for at least episodes five and six. No word yet on if during said break Sawyer sleeps with the girl from the copy place. That said, Skaters, don't tune out yet. From what I've heard, even sans Skate, eps five and six are absolute barn burners.

Diana in Phoenix: Anything on Juliet from Lost?
Her upcoming flashback ep is entirely located on the Island. And yet it guest stars Alan Dale as Charles Widmore. That's what Arsenio would call a thing that makes you go hmmm... 

David in Dallas: Do you have anything on my favorite Other: Juliet?
She's going on a little field trip to the Orchid Station. As in the station unveiled this summer at Comic-Con, with the "highly volatile and potentially dangerous" research—and them creepy numbered bunnies. I'm also hearing something about a field of skeletons...

Lost - Polygon

ABC/Mario Perez

Benny in El Paso, Texas: Do you have any scoop on Jacket in Juliet's episode? Thanks!
I'm told she's the one who initiates the kiss. Tramp! Kidding. Love her.

Keeping Awake in Montclair, New Jersey: How will Ken Leung's New York stage commitment affect Lost? Is he already off the show?
I suspect an understudy for that play might be getting his big shot sometime soon. Ken's people didn't have an official restart date for Lost, so they've been going ahead with other jobs, but Ken's contracted through the season to play regular character Miles, so don't assume Locke's breakfast of champions did him in, at least not yet. Meanwhile, our girl Gina Serpe hit the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, and Fisher Stevens (Minkowski, the guy tied to the bed in this week's Lost previews) said he would be returning to Hawaii next week to resume filming his role on Lost. (Join me in a Snoopy dance joy at the news that Lost is back in front of the cameras soon!)

Alan in Omena, Michigan: Anything on My Name Is Earl?
You can look forward to seeing the likes of La Lohan or Miss Hilton on the show. Producers are currently looking for a tabloid-type celebrity to play themselves on an ep! But let's be honest, they're more likely to score a Heidi Montag for that part, don't ya think?

Jenny in Argyle, Texas: Is Boston Legal really done for the season?
Nope. Now that the strike is over, they're going back to work right quick. I'm hearing Jerry Espenson will soon have a date-rape case on his hands, and—gulp—he's the accused.

The Office: Rashida Jones, John Krasinski

Justin Lubin/NBC

Lisa in Albany, California: Any scoop on the new episodes of The Office coming in April?
Just that Rashida Jones told me last week at the Unhitched premiere party that she was originally slated to do another episode this season! No telling if that will still work in this wacky poststrike environment, but it seems we might not yet have seen the last of Utica's lovely Karen Filippelli.

Alyssa in Dayton, Ohio: How I Met Your Mother!
I'm hearing the show returns with a St. Patrick's Day episode, in which Ted makes out with a married chick and gets popped in the face by a drunk dude. Good times are ahead for him and Barney, no doubt!

Mariela in Long Beach, California: I heard Chris Carmack plays Susan's cousin on Desperate Housewives when the show returns. Any more info on him?
Yes, his name is supposedly Tim, and we meet him in the first new hour. He's a very good-looking tax guy in his late 20s and should stick around for at least two episodes. Some of his storyline will include flashbacks and getting into truhhh-bul.

Jessica in Cleveland, Ohio: Big Brother!
Um, did you hear about what went down at the house last night? Let's just say Chelsia and Nat shed their bikinis and proceeded to rub their assets stripper-style on all the housemates. Their, um, enthusiasm spread like wildfire and the entire cast ended up in the pool "expressing their love" for one another. Perhaps the craziest thing to go down in all of BB history. If you're a fan, don't forget to TiVo the show this week, as CBS will surely air a somewhat edited version of the event.

Jon Hamm, Mad Men

Carin Baer/AMC

Bekki from Santa Ana, California: Mad Men is absolutely my favorite show on television. Tell me you have some scoopage to tide me over till the next season!
Golden Globe winner Jon Hamm had a little bit to say about Mad Men season two that may satisfy your cravings: "From what I understand, the timeline will move forward a couple of years, and we will pick up not quite where we left off, but pick up with the same characters—there won't be a lot of new people involved." The jump forward we've heard about will be to early 1962. Hamm says, "It will be another interesting year in American history, and we'll see how these characters deal with it."

Gail in Omaha, Nebraska: On Jericho, Major Beck and Heather...Are the rumors true?
Yes, indeedy! If you don't believe moi, believe Esai Morales (Major Beck) himself. He gives us this scoop: "There is chemistry between [Major Beck] and Heather, and it doesn't have to be consummated for it to feel real. Eventually, there's a situation where he feels betrayed, and he feels like a fool, and he has to come to grips with what happened and realize what she's all about. Is she there to help him, is she a Mata Hari, or is she a true patriot for the cause? The thing is, he has to make up his mind about what cause he is going to follow." By the way, I'm told Tuesday's episode of Big Brother will have some clues for you Jericho fans. In the "Power of Veto" challenge, the houseguests will receive news from the outside world, including a mystery headline that gives a clue to the upcoming Jericho episode.

Kim in Bangor, Maine: I like that Esai Morales character on Jericho. He's such a cutie. Do he and Jake eventually go head-to-head?
Sounds like it—or worse. Esai tells me, "The insurrection is a slap in the face to the major because of what he did for Jake. He entrusted him to be the sheriff, and he turns around and finds out that all is not well. So, I have to become a bit of a Guantánamo...well, there are enhanced interrogation techniques."

The Tudors Cast

Francois Rousseau/Showtime

Mae in South Amboy, New Jersey: Any rumors and word on the new season of The Tudors (and not just about Henry himself)?
Just caught a preview screening of Tudors' season-two premiere, and all his majesty's naughty lords and ladies are back in fine form. In particular, we spent some time with Dearest Daddy Boleyn, and he is a very bad man. Thanks to him, the dungeon goon squad gets medieval Renaissance on someone's ass.

Melanie in Des Moines, Iowa: What's up with ER?
You'll see additional episodes by spring, and rumor has it they're adding a new recurring character to the mix quite soon. Word is, County General will hire a thirtysomething attending physician named James Brenner who comes off as Mr. Perfect, but he has a bit of a dark side. A highly intelligent ladies' man, he rubs a lot of his coworkers the wrong way when they realize how selfish and self-serving he truly is.
Torrey DeVitto, One Tree Hill

CW Televison Network

Jordan in Omaha, Nebraska: I want to kick Nanny Carrie in the teeth! Tell me she's not sticking around on One Tree Hill?!
Oh, how she is. And how, how it's going to get so much worse before it gets...worse. By the time she does what she's going to do, you'll want Dexter Morgan to do what he's done to his latest love interest. (And yes, that's an intentional, spoilery comparison to all five of you fans of both OTH and Dexter out there!)

Hennisee in Miami: Any scoop on OTH?! Will Lucas and Lindsay really get married?
Michaela McManus will be here this week to answer such questions, so send any Q's you have for her to tvdiva@eonline.com. I can tell you Peyton does break up the wedding, but I have heard that's a dream. In other news, spoiler alert! I'm hearing Rachel comes back as a Lindsay/Amy/Eva and that Brooke and the bartender are heatin' up.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin
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