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Pessimism: 14

Okay, there's no actual score, that's just my imagination, but things are looking pretty good! Some of you have requested an update on the strike front, so here's a quick rundown of where things stand:

  • The Next Big Date:  The WGA membership will meet up at the Shrine Auditorium this Saturday to review the deal that was hashed out with the AMPTP in informal talks last week.
  • Turnaround Time:  If the deal is approved, dramas could be back on the air in as few as six weeks, and sitcoms may be able to return even faster.
  • Manic Monday:  Work on some series could resume as early as Monday. We're hearing from quite a few out-of-town writers that they are flocking back to Los Angeles because they've been told by agents that their producer bosses will expect them first thing on Monday if an agreement is reached.
  • Open Questions:  The biggest issues up in the air are the where, when and how of the approval decision and how quickly, or in what manner, the governors of the WGA could repeal the strike decree. There's also a report from Nikki Finke that even if the verbal agreement is declared kosher, the actual legal documents would still need to be worked out, or the deal could die on its feet. (Yes, I love mixing metaphors. Shut up.)
  • Think Happy Thoughts:  Last but not least, the WGA membership could just plain decline to approve the deal, so there are still a lot of steps between where we stand today and the return of, say, Pam and Jim, but cross your fingers and toes!
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