Unless you've been meditating in a submarine all day, you've probably heard by now that Kiefer Sutherland was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI late last night.

A few hours before his arrest, I was the only online reporter to speak with Kiefer on the red carpet of Fox's Fall Eco Casino Party, which went down at Area, a Hollywood hot spot (about a block from where he was pulled over).

So, let's talk about what we talk about in this section: The TV shows we love.

You can see in the video above that Kiefer answered questions about 24's woes of late (the decision not to shoot in Africa, which meant tweaking the storyline) and his comical run-in with the first action-figure prototype. He also artfully dodged the question all the fans are dying to know—whether Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeda) will be joining the show this season. (Spoiler alert: He so is.) But still, it makes my heart sing to hear that Carlos missed his 24 family as much as we have missed him!

When I left the party, Kiefer was holed up in a booth, chatting up fans, colleagues and reporters alike and seemed very much interested in allaying any fears that 24 is off track. As a producer and the show's star, clearly, he has a stake in its success. But I, for one, totally believe that  the new season will kick some serious ass. (Did I mention Tony is coming back? Yee!)

Elsewhere at the Fox party, Robert Knepper (Prison Break's T-Bag) was his usual kind, courteous self (he still gets the award for least like his character), while Bones' Emily Deschanel cleaned house with the raffle prize, and Thomas Dekker (Claire's old buddy Zach from Heroes who's now on The Sarah Connor Chronicles) tore it up on the dance floor with some hot blonde, spinning and pumping and going to town—while the rest of the party watched. I guess being hunted by the Terminator is giving misfit Zachie-poo some slick new moves!

Anyone else freaking out over Tony's return? If so, holla in the Comments below.

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