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TV enthusiasts, Totally Tube review mania continues today, with the lowdown on Fox's fall offerings.

So, read up—and don't forget to express your own opinion by voting in the Watch/Pass poll afterward!

Also, if you saw last night's K-Ville premiere, let me know what you thought of it in the Comments section below! Are we being too harsh?

Back to You

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DVR IT FOR NOW: Back to You 

Premieres:  Wed., Sept. 19 @ 8
Starring:   Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Fred Willard, Ty Burrell, Josh Gad, Ayda Field, Laura Marano

After Chuck Darling's accidental on-camera outburst goes viral on YouTube, the major-market news anchor is fired and finds himself back in Pittsburgh, coanchoring the city's nightly broadcast with Kelly Carr—a woman with whom he has quite a history. Starring sitcom vets Kelsey Grammer as Chuck and Patricia Heaton as Kelly, the chemistry between the new twosome is palpable in this traditional three-camera comedy, complete with laugh track. Unfortunately, your own laughs may feel a bit forced while watching the pilot. But take heart, the premise here is good, and the pedigree of all parties involved—including the accomplished producers and director—is promising. (Spoiler alert: There's an October Road-esque twist.) Give the writers a couple weeks to reach their stride, and we just might have an old-school hit on our hands.

Bottom Line:  Trust the experience of this News team


Robert Sebree/FOX


Premieres:  Mon., Sept. 17 @ 9
Starring:  Anthony Anderson, Cole Hauser, Tawny Cypress, Blake Shields

Shot on location in Louisiana, K-Ville is the story of a New Orleans Police Department SWAT team that is, in essence, still cleaning up the town in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Anthony Anderson is Officer Marlin Boulet, a N'Awlins native who loves his city dearly and would do anything to protect it. Cole Hauser is Trevor Cobb, his mysterious new partner who joins the force after doing a tough tour with the special forces in Afghanistan. Overall, K-Ville is reminiscent of Miami Vice, set a few states over, and with a more bohemian flair. They're a hotshot team professionally, but they struggle with some fundamental trust issues on a personal level. Sadly, the show is a bit formulaic and unimaginative, which makes it passive television. They're going to need to do some rebuilding if this thing is going to last.

Bottom Line:  Under construction

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Back to You

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Korbi Ghosh

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