Hump Day Stumper

It pains me to write this one.

Hated Harry
A certain heartthrob on a show I love—I would call him Handsome Harry—has always been a perfect gentleman to me. He's gorgeous, charming, witty—all the makings of a future husband!—and comes across the exact same way on his popular show. But I've just learned (and it chills me to the bone!) that those who work with Harry have an entirely different opinion of their costar. He is hated. By everyone—especially the people whose characters hate him on the show. And it's funny, 'cause I guarantee you would think someone else on this particular series was the diva on set. But trust me: Harry takes the cake.

Got guesses? Comment below!

And oh, yeah. For you who may have missed it in the latest chat, the answer to last week's Stumper (Good Deed Dan) is Masi Oka. Lurve him!
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